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Thursday, 14. December 2017
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Capacity Needs Assessment

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A good understanding of the precise needs of each target group is essential in order to be able to offer suitable programs of education. The needs and the required depth of knowledge vary hugely - not only from target group to target group, but also according the market’s development in a region. RENAC’s capacity assessment services can be flexibly applied to these different demands. 

We can support

  • Policy makers by proposing long-term educational strategies comprising different tiers of training
  • Companies with short-term strategies in order to bridge short-term workforce deficiencies, or educational institutions that want to address a particular market 



Policy makers and public bodies, Universities and other education institution, vocational training institutions, companies, development organizations

Services available

  • Market research, including both industrial and educational aspects
  • Workshops for capacity needs assessment
  • Development of training strategies
  • Recommendations and curricula development


  • Mr Salem Kadi
  • Email: kadi(at)
  • Phone: 0049 (0) 30 52 689 5884
  • Fax: 0049 (0) 30 52 689 5899
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