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Thursday, 14. December 2017
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Train-the-Trainer Programmes

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In our Train-the-Trainer seminars we show how to plan, prepare and conduct renewable energy training, such as solar classes, wind turbine courses and many more. Participants in our Train-the-Trainer programmes receive an extensive package of hard facts and soft skills in order to develop their own teaching abilities.

In our interactive renewable energy training sessions, we encourage them to practice their own training skills actively. Our goal is to produce highly qualified trainers who can undertake courses autonomously; if required, also to the standards set by accreditation bodies or professional institutions. At the end of a seminar we provide participants with sufficient material to allow them to carry on developing their knowledge.

Services available

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In our Train-the-Trainer seminars we can offer you the following services, which can be adjusted according to your organization’s aims:

  • Market analysis (technologies, financing, promoting schemes, standards, legal aspects)
  • Review of existing training material and development of new materials
  • Integration of local aspects into the training materials
  • Recruitment of potential lecturers
  • Assessment of future trainers for the Train-the-Trainer seminars
  • Design and development of content and methodology for Train-the-Trainer seminars
  • Carrying out Train-the-Trainer seminars
  • Support during the first training courses using experienced trainers (twinning program) 

Modules in a Train-the-Trainer seminar

We tailor our Train-the-Trainer seminars according to your needs. The following modules can be integrated into your seminar:


Suitable for

Technical staff such as installers, technicians or engineers who want to gain the skills to work as:

  • Trainers for electrical, plumbing and mechatronic technicians
  • Trainers within universities (engineering, law, economics)
  • Trainers offering further education for professionals 


We qualify trainers for design, installation, operation and maintenance of the following technologies:

  • Grid-connected photovoltaics
  • Off-grid photovoltaics
  • Solar thermal applications
  • Onshore wind power
  • Biogas


  • Mr Salem Kadi
  • Email: kadi(at)
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