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CapREG 2014 - 2016

Internet-based Trainings

Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador

mba renewables

Within CapREG, RENAC will realise 9 online courses with up to 525 scholarships for participants from Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Peru and Ecuador

  • The online courses will cover a wide range of important topics related to renewable energy
  • Each online course will last 8 weeks; participants will need 25 to 50 hours to work through the material (reading, watching online lectures, self-evaluation and preparation for final exam)
  • The participation in the online courses is free of charge and includes access to text and videos, questions for self-study, virtual classrooms, forum, final test and certificate
  • Participants can print out a personalised copy of the course materials in the form of PDF documents for personal use
  • Course materials are provided in English and Spanish
  • Lecturers in the virtual classrooms will present in English
  • At the end of the training, participants can take an exam and receive a RENAC certificate if the training is successfully completed

RENAC staff and lecturers will offer extensive support all along the learning process via email.

RENAC has many years of experience in distance learning via the internet. This training format has been increasing in popularity because it allows participants to decide when, where and how they prefer to learn.

The comprehensive online training programme ensures that the knowledge on fundamental aspects of renewable energy is transferred to a broader audience in the seven partner countries.

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Date TopicDuration (weeks) No.  Deadline for application
12.01.2015 On1-Fundamentals "Fundamentals PV, Wind, Biogas and Mini Grids" 8 On1-

16.03.2015 On2-Plangrid "Wind and PV Grid Integration" 8 On2-PlanGrid

25.05.2015 On3-Support "Support mechanism for Renewable Energy" 8 On3-Support

24.08.2015 On4-Bank "Bankability of Wind and PV projects" 8 On4-Bank 12.06.2015
26.10.2015 On5-PPlanPV "Planning of large-scale grid-connected PV" 8 On5-
18.01.2016 On6-PPlanHybrid "Planning of PV-Hybrid-power stations („Fuelsaver“)" 8 On6-
21.03.2016 On7-PPlanBioGas "Planning for medium-sized biogas plants" 8 On7-
23.05.2016 On8-PPlanST "Planning for large-scale solar thermal projects for water heating" 8 On8-
On9-ClimateFin "Climate Finance"
8 On9-

An online course will last 8 weeks. During the first 6 weeks, participants work through the self-learning material (text, videos, exercises). The exams will take place in the 7th and 8th week (resit).

How to register?

Interested participants have to apply online and accept the terms of reference for the scholarship.

RENAC will choose participants according to the information provided in the application form, e.g. ensure that the participants are part of the target group. Participants accepted for a training will receive a confirmation email from RENAC.

cap REG
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Internet-based Trainings


  • Ms Cecilia Strandberg
  • Project Manager
  • Tel: +49(0)30-526 895 893
  • Fax: +49 (0)30-526 895 899
  • Email: strandberg[at]
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