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Trainings in Berlin

Training Center 6

Within CapREG, RENAC will realise seven trainings in Berlin. The objective of these seminars is:

  • To transfer knowledge on important issues related to renewable energy and grid integration of renewables
  • To give participants an in depth view into the German energy transition (experiences, challenges)
  • To offer professionals from Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Peru and Ecuador the opportunity of international networking and exchange of experiences

All this will be reached through a blend of up to date lectures, field trips (2 days) as well as group work exercises. Participants will have the chance to get first-hand and state of the art experiences while discovering system integration approaches of renewable energy technologies. The outline of the seminar shall enable participants to gain knowledge with high practical relevance.

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DateTopicDuration (days)No. Deadline for application
18.05. – 22.05.15 Renewable Energy and Grid Integration /
Energy transition
5 P1 - Berlin 27.02.2015
06.07. – 10.07.15 Renewable Energy and Grid Integration /
Energy transition
5 P2 - Berlin 10.04.2015
28.09. – 02.10.15 Renewable Energy and Grid Integration /
Energy transition
5 P3 - Berlin 19.06.2015
19.10. – 23.10.15 Renewable Energy and Grid Integration /
Energy transition
5 P4 - Berlin 03.07.2015
09.05. – 13.05.16 Renewable Energy and Grid Integration /
Energy transition
5 P5 - Berlin 22.02.2016
11.07. – 15.07.16 Renewable Energy and Grid Integration /
Energy transition
5 P6 - Berlin 15.04.2016
19.09. – 23.09.16 Renewable Energy and Grid Integration /
Energy transition
5 P7 - Berlin 04.07.2016 (extended deadline)


  • The seminars in Berlin are designed for up to 12 participants (from all seven partner countries)
  • Course materials are provided in English
  • Lecturers will present in English


  • Seminar fees: The participation in the seminar is free of charge and includes materials (colour printed hard copies), lunch, coffee / tea breaks, field trips, travel and health insurance for the duration of the seminar
  • Travelling costs: RENAC will reward up to 60% of costs against submission of receipts. That is 60% of a return economy-class flight between Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Berlin (up to 660 Euro) and up to 60% of costs of a return economy-class flight between Mexico, Peru, Ecuador and Berlin (up to 780 Euro). RENAC will provide up to 60% of hotel costs in Berlin (up to 6 nights, up to 45 Euro/night). The participants shall cover at least 40% of ticket and hotel costs. Example: RENAC will reimburse 24 Euro/night if the hotel costs 40 Euro/night, 45 Euro/night if the hotel costs 75 Euro/night and 45 Euro if the hotel costs 100 Euro/night.


The location for the seminar will be in RENAC’s Training Center in the city of Berlin, Germany. For more information about Berlin please visit the following website:

How to register?

  • Interested participants have to apply online and accept the terms of reference for the scholarship. IMPORTANT: For VISA application, candidates applying for a seminar in Berlin must make sure that all required information is filled out in the application form. 
  • Participants have to apply for VISA to Germany themselves. RENAC will send an invitation letter as a pdf via email to selected and confirmed participants in due time before the seminar starts.
  • Participants have to organise and book the travel to/from Berlin and the hotel in Berlin as well as other travel arrangements themselves. RENAC will provide information about hotels situated near the Renewables Academy AG in Berlin.

RENAC will choose participants according to the information provided in the application form, e.g. ensure that the participants are part of the target group. Participants accepted for a training will receive a confirmation email from RENAC.

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Trainings in Berlin


  • Ms Cecilia Strandberg
  • Project Manager
  • Tel: +49(0)30-526 895 893
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  • Email: strandberg[at]
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