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Wednesday, 24. January 2018
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TREE Projects results and lessons learnt!

2008 tree

Up to now, the Renewables Academy had carried out 41 seminars in Berlin and abroad under the TREE project. Seminars covered relevant aspects of several renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies, financing and frameworks for establishing new markets.

About 1000 TREE participants from ministries, companies and financiers have been trained. They came from more than 55 countries covering four different continents.

Evaluation of the first TREE project in 2008/2009 shows that many participants implemented their own EE and RE projects in their countries, conducted seminars or used the knowledge gained to elaborate strategies and road maps for renewables in their ministries, and other public authorities.

The key objectives of the TREE Project are to capacity build and ensure the sustainability of know-how in the target countries.

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