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Wednesday, 24. January 2018
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TREE Success Stories

Ismail Yusuf 01

Ismail Yusuf, Indonesia

In December 2009 Ismail Yusuf installed a photovoltaic off -grid power plant. It was a pilot project in an isolated area, with a capacity of 400 Wp. They have encouraged local people to participate in the project and trained them so that they can maintain the system by themselves.

Oswaldo Bustamante Chile

Osvaldo Bustamante, Chile

Osvaldo Bustamante has implemented thermal central heating project supported by solar collectors and have been trying to spread the word about REs in the country. They also provide advice to building project on solar cogeneration, and the use of absorption chillers.

Henning Holm

Henning Holm, South Africa

Henning Holm has been doing strategic energy planning, energy management and passive design for two universities and a bank. Also he connected two PV systems to the grid since the training. The RENAC course was intended to improve the quality of the service and to ensure that they are on the cutting edge of the industry.

Titi Samakpong 08

Titipong Samakpong, Thailand

Since the seminar I have been very active with PV projects. For example, I worked as a consultant on a 5 MW on-grid PV project in Thailand. My consultancy tasks included site identificati on, measuring solar irradiati on and meteorological data at the site, electrical layout and structural design as well as feasibility. Now the project is under construction and expected to come online later this year. This has been possible thanks to the knowledge I gained from TREE.

Coelho 02 web

Mario Coelho, Brazil

Since I was in Berlin to att end the TREE seminar I am involved with a Biogas Project in Cachoeira do Sul - RS, Brazil. I am working together with the DBFZ (Deutsche Biomasse Forschung Zentrum in Leipzig) with UFRGS (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul), UFSM (Universidade Federal de Santa Maria) and UNIJUI (Universidade de Ijui). Die ECOTERRA-BIO brought this team together to treat and recycling of the domestic waste.

Further TREE Success stories

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