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Tuesday, 27. June 2017
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| GESS III b |

Week IIIb: Financing Renewable Energy Projects with Focus on Wind and PV

Green Energy Summer School

  • Current state of renewable energy finance
  • Project set-up and components
  • Revenues, cost, return ratios
  • Bankability and financing options
  • Cash flow planning
  • Project finance and financing agreements
  • Due diligence
  • Dealing with risk in cash flow planning
  • Financial modelling workshop using RENAC’s RE Project Evaluator Suite


Start date: 04.09.2017
End date: 06.09.2017
Location: Berlin, Germany
Registration Deadline: 24.07.2017
Seminar language: English
Seminar timetable:
Price: 1,200.00 EUR

Early bird price: 1,080.00 EUR
Valid until: 10.07.2017

After the seminar, you will be able to: 

  • Assess the costs and benefits of a wind and PV project
  • Appraise the risk of investing in a project and be able to mitigate it
  • Determine bankability
  • Confidently approach and talk about a project to a financing institution

This training suits those who: 

  • Want to set up a wind or PV project
  • Work with financing institutions/want to invest in wind/PV projects



The Renewable Energy Summer School takes place in RENAC’s Training Center. It is located in the heart of Berlin, at 5 minutes walking distance to the central place Alexanderplatz. Close by to the training premises at RENAC are plenty of boutiques, cafés, bars, museums, cinemas and other opportunities to enjoy the evenings or the week-end during the best season in Berlin.



Accomodation RENAC is situated in the center of Berlin with a lot of Hostels/Hotels around it. RENAC will support you in finding a suitable accommodation, nevertheless the booking you have to make yourself.

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