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Saturday, 3. December 2016
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Open Training | RET1-01-2017 | Categories: Renewable Energy

Introduction to Renewable Energy Technologies

See the bigger picture for renewable energy technologies and their economics – in both urban and rural setting

The "Introduction to Renewable Energy Technologies" course is designed for those who are new to renewable energies or are starting a career either in renewable energy technologies or in their commercial aspects. Through a blended mix of instructor-led training and hands-on exercises participants get a comprehensive overview of the main, commercially-viable renewable technologies, and come to understand how they work. They also gain knowledge on how systems of the various technologies are designed. At the end of this course each participant will be able to assess the appropriateness of different technologies for different situations and undertake their own initial designs for renewable energy systems. Additionally the course will present an insight into the market and latest market trends of the different technologies.


Start date: 08.05.2017
End date: 12.05.2017
Location: Berlin, Germany
Registration Deadline: 01.05.2017
Seminar language: English
Seminar timetable: 09:00-18:00
[incl. lunch and coffee breaks]
Price: 1,500.00 EUR

Early bird price: 1,350.00 EUR
Valid until: 01.03.2017


Duration of the course: 5 days

  • Impact and terms in renewable: Energy, Electricity and heat generation, power, energy efficiency and CO2 emissions
  • Solar electricity – Grid-tied and off-grid photovoltaics
  • Solar thermal technology – For solar water heating and solar cooling
  • Concentrating Solar Power - Short introduction to solar thermal electricity generation
  • Wind power – Large grid-tied turbines, wind farms, smaller grid-tied turbines and off-grid
  • Bioenergy – Woodchips and wood pellets, biogas and liquid biofuels
  • Micro-hydro – From small systems up to 5 MW, grid-tied and off-grid
  • System design and sizing of the various technologies
  • Market development and Economics
  • The German / international experiences with renewable energy


The overall objective of the course is for participants to have a comprehensive overview of the main commercially viable renewable technologies.
Additionally they are to:

  • have an understanding of how the different technologies work,
  • know how systems are designed and sized and be able to design initial renewable energy systems,
  • be able to assess the appropriateness of different technologies for different  situations,
  • have an overview of the different market sectors
  • be able to communicate effectively and knowledgably with technology suppliers and customers.

Target group 

This course is aimed at those in the business, non-profit, public and academic sectors who wish to get a comprehensive introduction to renewable energy technologies, as well as those wishing to install renewable energy systems in both urban and rural settings. The three days duration is particularly designed for those who cannot take so much time away from work but who want to learn and interact with others interested in this field as well as have the opportunity to discuss their own projects. It is ideal for newcomers to the industry.


Renewable energy overview
Range of commercially viable renewable energy technologies

Energy, electricity
Energy fundamentals
Quantifying power and energy
Electricity and non-electrical energy


  • The solar resource for PV
  • PV system components: PV modules, Inverter
  • Grid-tied, off-grid and PV systems
  • Building Integrated PV (BIPV)
  • System design and sizing
  • Yield of a solar system
  • Feed-in tariffs and other incentives
  • Market and industry development

Solar thermal

  • Solar thermal System components: Flat plate collectors, evacuated tubes, storage tanks
  • Solar thermal applications: Solar water heating, Solar-assisted central heating
  • System design and sizing
  • Economics

Solar cooling

  • Cooling processes
  • Electric versus thermal cooling
  • State if the technology
  • Economics

Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)

  • Technologies
  • Market
  • Current and future development
  • Economics

Wind energy

  • The wind resource and its assessment
  • Wind energy principles
  • Wind power systems
  • Types of wind turbines, large/small, grid-tied/stand-alone
  • Limitations on harnessing wind energy in built-up environments
  • Energy yield calculation


  • Types of bio-fuels (biomass, biogas, bio-liquid fuels)
  • Wood fuels, wood chips and wood pellets for building heating
  • Bioenergy and Combine Heat and Power (CHP)
  • Biogas technology for electricity generation and  gas network
  • System design
  • Electricity and heat estimation
  • Biofuels in transport
  • Sustainability aspect of bioenergy


  • Principles of hydro-power
  • Types of hydro systems
  • Site assessment and sizing hydro systems
  • Project management and Economics

Field trip

  • Visit to a renewable energy systems


Albrecht Tiedemann, Frank Jackson, Katie Brown, Martin Schnauss, Emilienne Tingwey, Jens Altevogt, Volker Jaensch

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