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Sunday, 31. July 2016
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Open Training | PV-DHS | Categories: Hybrid Systems

Training on PV-Diesel Hybrid Systems to Reduce Diesel Demand

Substantial fuel cost saving potential has made PV technology the centre of attention for diesel grid operators. This training focuses on large PV-diesel hybrid systems. In a real-life case study a pure PV-diesel-hybrid system without energy storage (“Fuelsaver”) will be planned from scratch. After, an energy audit to assess load profiles and energy demand, participants will learn all relevant basics of solar PV and diesel generators. Energy flows when hybridising the mini-grid with PV are then analysed in depth.

Critical aspects on mini-grid stability will be identified and discussed, and suitable stabilisation measures will be explained and calculated. The goal is to find the optimum system configuration both technically and economically. Concluding the seminar, relevant technical and economic indicators will be calculated using both RENAC educational and industry standard software tools.


“An amazing blend of technical and solid practical knowledge"

- Paul Hattle, Asian Development Bank, Ecuador/Austria, 2016.


There is currently no upcoming date set for this training. If you are interested to take part, please let us know (koerner[at] We will then inform you about upcoming trainings.


Seminar language: English
Seminar timetable: tba
Price: 1,500.00 EUR

Early bird price: 1,350.00 EUR

Content and objectives 

After the seminar, participants will be able to:

  • identify suitable applications for PV-diesel-hybrid systems
  • audit the current energy demand and load profile
  • calculate the fuel consumption of diesel gensets for various loading states
  • compose a PV-diesel-hybrid system with given system components
  • predict PV power plant output curve for best/worst/average days
  • analyse the dynamic energy flows in the system
  • formulate the effect on mini-grid stability of having less spinning gensets and more intermittent PV power and how to ensure grid stability
  • calculate actual fuel savings of a hybrid system
  • explain sustainable operation, monitoring and maintenance strategies
  • calculate cash-flows and relevant financial indicators
  • simulate and optimise a PV-diesel-hybrid system with software tools
  • evaluate future steps to further increase fuel savings

Target group 

This seminar is mainly targeted at technicians and engineers responsible for energy generation and/or distribution working in public organisations or private companies.

Decision-makers with a technical background are also welcome to attend this seminar.

Basic knowledge of grid-connected PV systems is an advantage.


Lars Koerner, RENAC

Lars Koerner holds an engineering diploma in Environmental Technology and Renewable Energy from the University of Applied Sciences, Berlin. He has gained several years of experience as project engineer and senior product manager for photovoltaic systems with SolarWorld AG where he also conducted worldwide trainings for staff and customers. He is an expert on decentralized solar hybrid mini-grids.

His experience in the area of solar energy spans further at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE), Freiburg where he worked on a monitoring concept for village power supply systems in China and the German Aerospace Center (DLR).



Accomodation RENAC is situated in the center of Berlin with a lot of hostels/hotels around it. RENAC will support you in finding a suitable accommodation, nevertheless the booking you have to make yourself.


"PV-Diesel Hybrid Systems to Reduce Diesel Demand" takes place in RENAC’s Training Center. It is located in the heart of Berlin, at 5 minutes walking distance to the central place Alexanderplatz. Close by to RENAC's premises are plenty of boutiques, cafés, bars, museums, cinemas and other opportunities to enjoy the evenings or the weekend after the training.

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