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Saturday, 19. August 2017
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Environmental Fiscal Reform for the Energy Sector

Improving framework conditions for renewable energy: Green taxes and fossil fuel subsidy reform

This training gives participants in-depth knowledge of economic and fiscal policies which can improve framework conditions for renewable energy investment while raising additional revenues for governments. Participants will learn how to design policies that take the concerns of multiple stakeholders into account and mitigate the impacts of energy price rises on the vulnerable. The course complements other RENAC courses on climate and renewable energy finance.


Start date: 20.11.2017
End date: 22.11.2017
Location: Berlin, Germany
Registration Deadline: 09.10.2017
Seminar language: English
Seminar timetable:
Price: 1,430.00 EUR

Early bird price: 1,287.00 EUR
Valid until: 25.09.2017


  • Environmental taxation: Rationale as a means of boosting RE investment (ETR) 
  • Green fiscal policy instruments I: Green taxes, fees and charges
  • Green fiscal policy instruments II: Reform of fossil fuel subsidies
  • Green fiscal policy instruments III: Carbon taxes vs. emission trading
  • Interactive exercise: Reform of fossil fuel subsidies in the energy sector (managing the reform process)
  • Addressing social impacts: Synergies, trade-offs, policies
  • How green taxes and subsidy reform can improve frameworks for renewable energy investment
  • Policy packages: Developing packages of measures to foster renewable energy investment

After the seminar, participants will be able to 

  • Make the case for green taxes as a means of achieving national energy/climate goals
  • Develop packages including green taxes to foster renewable energy investment
  • Develop comprehensive plans for fossil fuel subsidy reform
  • Propose social welfare policies to protect the vulnerable from energy price increases

    This training suits those who 

    • Represent the interests of renewable energy investors to national governments
    • Are responsible for the implementation of green tax and spending policies (ministry staff)
    • Wish to know about how to improve conditions for renewable energy deployment


      The training will be run by Kai Schlegelmilch and Jacqueline Cottrell of Green Budget Germany.

      Kai Schlegelmilch is co-founder and current President of Green Budget Germany (FÖS). Since 1999, he has worked for the Ministry of Environment in Germany (BMUB), where he was responsible for the implementation of the Eco-Tax Reform 1999-2003 and is currently seconded to the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN). He has acted as a consultant on green taxes for many national governments, including China, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam and co-developed the GIZ training Environmental Fiscal Reform: A Practice-Oriented Training” in 2007-2008.

      Jacqueline Cottrell has worked as an environmental consultant specializing in green fiscal policy (taxes and subsidy reform) since 2004. She took the lead in the development of the GIZ training “Environmental Fiscal Reform: A Practice-Oriented Training” in 2007-2008 and has subsequently conducted the training in a wide range of countries and contexts. In her capacity as a senior policy advisor at Green Budget Germany, Jacqueline is currently Course Director of a 4-year Human Capacity Development Programme “Inclusive Green Economy in Vietnam” on behalf of GIZ/BMZ, which will bring more than 200 key ministry staff to Germany to learn about green economy policy between 2015-2018.

      Green Budget Germany is a think tank founded in 1994 specializing in green fiscal policy, including green taxation, quantification and reform of environmentally harmful subsidies, emissions trading, promotion of renewable energy and green economy. GBG is regarded as a competent voice on policy debate all over the world.

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      • Sylvia Hartmann 
      • Phone: +49(0)30-526 895 889
      • Email: sylvia.hartmann(at)

      Seminar timetable 

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      Seminar Timetable

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      Accomodation RENAC is situated in the center of Berlin with a lot of Hostels/Hotels around it. RENAC will support you in finding a suitable accommodation, nevertheless the booking you have to make yourself.


      The training take place in RENAC’s Training Center. It is located in the heart of Berlin, at 5 minutes walking distance to the central place Alexanderplatz. Close by to the training premises at RENAC are plenty of boutiques, cafés, bars, museums, cinemas and other opportunities to enjoy the evenings or the week-end during the best season in Berlin.


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