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Institut de Formation aux Métiers des Énergies Renouvelables et de l'Efficacité Énergétique (IFMEERE)

2015 - Train-the-Trainer workshops in Morocco

In October and November 2015 RENAC assisted Morocco in capacity building on renewable energy and energy efficiency. On behalf of GIZ, RENAC has conducted five train-the trainer workshops at the Institut de Formation aux Métiers des Énergies Renouvelables et de l'Efficacité Énergétique (IFMEERE), a recently inaugurated renewable energy training centre in Oujda/Morocco.


Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC)

ADDC Masdar UAE 2010 - PV-Training on Photovoltaics for Engineers from ADDC in UAE

RENAC was commissioned to design and conduct a training for the ADDC engineers. 


Training on Solar Thermal

Alcor 2014 - Design and sizing of solar thermal systems

Mastering of equipments for design and sizing of solar thermal installations


Aleo Solar 2009

Aleo Solar 2009 - PV Engineering Training - Grid-Connected Applications

For component producers, ensuring their customers' know their products well and also have top level installation and operation skills when using the components can be extremely important for a long-term satisfying relationship. 


FNR (Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V.)

Biogas Plants in Organic Farming 2012 - 2014

The information base and research in Germany regarding biogas in organic farming needs to be optimized. Compared to conventional biogas, organic biogas holds many potential advantages concerning energy efficiency, climate protection, biodiversity and area demands.


Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras

Biogas Training in Central America 2012 - 2014

RENAC conducts a two-year training program on biogas for El Salvador, Honduras and Costa Rica within a PPP-Project together with the DEG - Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, called “Biogas Training in Central America”. 


Biogas3 2015 - 2016

Biogas3 - Sustainable Small-scale Biogas and Biomethane from Agro-food Waste for Energy Self-sufficiency 2015-2016

The main objective of Biogas3, a project within Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE), is to enhance the biogas generation in the food production sector. By promoting the usage of organic waste, which could be agricultural residues but also food and beverage industry waste, the project focuses on small-scale concepts for energy self-sufficiency. Biogas3 lasted from 2014 until 2016.


Energy efficiency in the built environment - 2016

Blended Learning Training on Energy Efficiency in Oman

RENAC was commissioned to carry out the blended learning training on energy efficiency in Muscat, Oman. Around 50 participants took part during the two-week online course and five-day face-to-face seminar.


Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA) Facility - 2015

Capacity Building on energy efficiency in the residential sector for energy advisors and building inspectors

The Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA) Facility was launched by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) and the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) in 2012. NAMA Facility provides support for the implementation of exemplary and transformational projects fighting climate change. As part of this initiative “Housing NAMA” helps the Mexican government in the development of cost-effective and energy-efficient housing concepts.


Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador

CapREG - Capacity Development on Renewable Energy and Grid Integration 2014 - 2016

CapREG “Capacity Development on Renewable Energy and Grid Integration” is a capacity building programme within the German International Climate Initiative (IKI). Within this framework the Renewables Academy AG (RENAC) was commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) to provide a three-year capacity building programme for renewable energy and grid integration trainings.


Communication of the Energiewende 2015

Germany is a pioneer in the large scale application of renewable sources of energy.  The nuclear phase-out agreement and the planned restructuring of its entire energy sector has attracted worldwide attention from both the public and the private sector. The project "Communication of the Energiewende" on behalf of the Federal Foreign Office (AA) aims to pave the way for a wider use of renewable energy and energy efficiency measures by communicating the know-how and experiences gained in Germany over the past 20 to 30 years to other countries that are just starting to develop their renewable energy markets.


Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation, Climate Protection Fellowship 2012

DBU 2011 - Seminars for fellows of the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation

RENAC was assigned to prepare and conduct a 1 ½ day introduction seminar on renewable energies and energy efficiency for the participants of the programme. 


Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation, Climate Protection Fellowship 2012

DBU 2012 - Seminars for fellows of the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation

RENAC organized and implemented two different one-day introduction seminars on renewable energy and energy efficiency.


RENAC training center in Mexico since 2010

DEG - RENAC Mexico Training Center

Within a Public Private Partnership project with the German Investment and Development Company (DEG) and the Mexican module manufacturer ERDM, RENAC has built up training capacities on Photovoltaics in Mexico. 


DiW econ GmbH

DIW econ 2010 - Identification for Best Available Technologies (BAT) in Azerbaijan

Commissioned by DIW econ, an economics consultancy, RENAC prepared a study for Best Available Technologies in the areas of solar thermal and photovoltaic for Azerbaijan. 


PV Off-Grid, Solar Thermal & Wind 2009

Eauxwell 2009 - Renewable Energy and Technology

Commissioned by Eauxwell, Nigeria’s leading water, waste water and renewable energy engineering company, RENAC designed a tailor-made 10-day training course for off-grid photovoltaic, solar thermal applications, wind energy and hybrid systems. Eauxwell together with the Nigerian Energy Commission offered the seminar places as scholarships to engineers and technicians. 


Eauxwell Nigeria - 2012

Eauxwell 2012 - Design and Installation of Off-grid Photovoltaic Systems

In April 2012 engineers from Eauxwell attended a RENAC training programm in off-grid photovoltaics. 


ECREEE - 2012

ECREEE 2012 - Investment Appraisal Training in Cape Verde

ECREEE commissioned RENAC to conduct a four-day training on investment appraisal within the context of renewable energies. 


Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency in Public and Commercial Buildings 2015

On behalf of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB), GIZ has commissioned RENAC to support advising the Government of Ukraine on creating a suitable national legal framework that will promote energy efficiency measures at the local level. In particular, RENAC contributed to the project by realising a training course with focus on energy efficiency in public and commercial buildings.



Energy Farming Study in Jordan - 2013

On behalf of the Initiative of Adaptation to Climate Change in the Water Sector in the MENA Region and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH), RENAC prepared a study on a sample plant and system design for the Jordanian climate conditions including consideration of the grid connection of photovoltaic systems in the Al Mafraq and Al Zaqra region of Jordan. 


Energy Sector Education and Training Authority (ESETA) - 2011

ESETA South Africa 2011 - Study Tour on Renewable Energies for South-African Delegates

RENAC designed and organized a training program with site visits to new developments in photovoltaics, wind energy, CSP, solar thermal energy and hydrogen fuel cells for South-African Delegates from all Provinces.


EUREM 2013 - 2014

EUREM - European Energy Manager - licensed for India

The European Energy Manager (EUREM) is a training and network programme comprising the areas of engineering and management, which addresses experts and executives working in the energy sector from European and non-European countries. The Indo-German Chamber of Commerce aims to offer EUREM to experts from India.


EurObserv’ER since 2010

EurObserv’ER - Barometer of Renewable Energies

Since 2010 RENAC is part of the European EurObserv’ER consortium. Supported by EU-funded Intelligent Energy Europe program and the French energy agency ADEME, the EurObserv’ER team has been reporting since 1998 on the progress made by renewable energies in each member state of the European Union.


German Energy Efficiency Export Initiatives

Export Initiative 2009 - Concept development for Energy Efficiency Lighthouse Projects

In the frame of the German Energy Efficiency Export Initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, RENAC was commissioned to develop a concept to showcase projects on energy efficiency. 


100% Renewable Energy - Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos

Galapagos 2011 - Layout of PV Systems

RENAC was commissioned by the GIZ to conduct a seminar on planning and design of PV systems in the Galapagos Island.


Export initiatives "renewables - Made in Germany" and "Energy Efficiency - made in Germany"

German Energy Efficiency Export Initiatives

On behalf of the German Ministry of Economics and Technology, RENAC has been working as consultant within the export initiatives “renewables – Made in Germany” and “Energy Efficiency – made in Germany” since 2008.


GIZ North Rhine-Westfalia

GIZ 2013 North Rhine-Westfalia - Moderating the University Cooperation between Ghana and North Rhine-Westfalia

In 2011 Ghana’s Renewable Energy Law came into act and the country plans to generate 10% of its electricity by renewable energy sources in 2020. The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Kumasi and the Energy Center TEC plan to support this development by providing capacity building and research opportunities. 


2 days-Workshop

GIZ Brazil - Photovoltaics and Capacity Needs Assessment - Workshop in Rio de Janeiro 2014

Over the course of two days, RENAC conducted a workshop on photovoltaics as well as a capacity needs assessment in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The programme was directed at teachers, students and affiliates at the Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica Celso Suckow da Fonseca (CEFET). 


GIZ Chile 2010

GIZ Chile 2010 - Wind Power Production Forecast for Chile

RENAC was commissioned by the GIZ Chile to design and conduct a training course on the topic of wind power prediction in Chile. 


GIZ Egypt 2010

GIZ Egypt 2010 - Seminar on Solar Water Heating System Design for Engineers from Egypt

RENAC prepared and carried out a training on the installation of solar thermal systems for GTZ Egypt. 


GIZ Egypt 2011

GIZ Egypt 2011 - Capacity Building on grid-integration of renewable electricity

RENAC was commissioned by InWent to undertake a capacity building session on the integration of renewable electricity into the Egyptian electricity supply system. 


GIZ Egypt 2012

GIZ Egypt 2012 - Engineering trainings on large scale Photovoltaic systems in Egypt

In collaboration with the GIZ Egypt and the Egyptian German High Level Joint Committee for Renewable Energy (JCEE), RENAC held two seminars on Photovoltaics.


GIZ Egypt 2013

GIZ Egypt 2013 - Tendering and evaluation of Renewable Energy projects for public tendering agencies

Commissioned by the GIZ in Egypt RENAC developed and conducted a training designed for public tendering agencies who will organize tenders on RE systems in the future. 


Trainings on Photovoltaics and Solar Thermal Process Heat with IITs

GIZ India 2011 - High Level Capacity Building in India

With support of the GIZ-project ComSolar RENAC conducted a workshop on capacity needs assessment together with stakeholders from the MNRE, project developers, training providers and universities for solar thermal and photovoltaic systems. 


GIZ India staff working for IGEN-GEC

GIZ India 2013 - Advanced Online Training for IGEN-GEC

Participants get access to RENAC’s e-learning platform for 11 weeks. They spend approx. 10-15 h per week studying online: read course content, watch video lectures, do self-assessment tests and discuss in the forum.


GIZ India, IGEN project 2014

GIZ India 2014 - Advanced Online Training for IGEN-GEC

A new component IGEN-GEC was integrated in IGEN (Indo-German Energy Programme) from January 2014, in order to support the Indian government in implementing the Green Energy Corridor. GIZ staff working for IGEN-GEC need a customized technical training on the topic of grid integration of renewable energies.


Green Energy Center in East Java 2014

GIZ Indonesia 2014 - Organisational Concept for a Green Energy Center for Mitigation Technologies in East Java

The GIZ PAKLIM initiated technical cooperation with the provincial Government of East Java to support the implementation of the JATIM RAD-GRK (National Centre of National Action Plan for Greenhouse Gas Reduction). One of the main identified barriers to renewable energy and energy efficiency is the lack of awareness and knowledge concerning opportunities to economically mitigate GHG in individual industries.


Study tour

GIZ MASEN 2014 - Study Tour PV and CSP research

The Renewables Academy (RENAC) AG has been asked by GIZ Morocco / MASEN to organize and conduct a business and information study tour in Germany for an academic delegation from Morocco with research affiliation to photovoltaic (PV) energy and concentrated solar power (CSP).


Train-the-trainer for Small Scale Solar Photovoltaic Applications

GIZ Pakistan - Train-the-trainer 2013

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH Islamabad, Pakistan requested RENAC to conduct a train the trainer programme in Berlin for a selected number of persons from Pakistan. 


Seminar for GIZ employees 2012

GIZ Seminar 2012 - Renewable Energy: Technology-Frameworks-Economics

RENAC organized and conducted a tailor-made one-week training for GIZ staff on market development of renewable energiesby focusing on the technical, legal, political and economic aspects of the technologies. 


GIZ Syria 2010

GIZ Syria 2010 - Seminar on Design & Installation of Large-Scale Solar Thermal Systems

RENAC was commissioned to design, organize and hold a training on Solar thermal technologies in Syria. 


Study on trainings for the MENA region

GIZ Tunesia - Study on international standards for trainings 2014-2015

As part of a wider project to support energy-related socio-economic goals of the MENA region, GIZ Tunisia commissioned RENAC to conduct a study on international standards for trainings in the field of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. The outcomes of the study serve to inform and support vocational and Continued Professional Development (CPD) training institutions active in the RE/EE sector, both on the national and the regional level.


GIZ Vietnam 2010

GIZ Vietnam 2010 - Wind Energy Basics, Fundamentals and Measurements

RENAC implemented a seminar in Saigon on the basics of wind energy and on wind measurement in accordance with international standards. 


Training in ZA

GIZ ZA 2013 - Solar Thermal Training Systems for Vocational Education in South Africa

The GIZ requested RENAC to prepare a proposal for its services to hold a three-day technical and instructional user training for a group of 12 vocational teachers to use the solar thermal training equipment purchased by GIZ from the company Schreiner Didaktik (Model „Solaranlage-Röhrenkollektor“, Artikel 572245). The focus and main aim of the training was to demonstrate the technical features of the Schreiner training system but to also introduce the vocational teachers to the didactical possibilities related with the training systems.


German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GPCCI) - 2011

GPCCI 2011 - Grid-connected photovoltaic Training, Philippines

RENAC was commissioned to design and conduct a one-week training course. 


Master Degree Program since 2008

GPE - Global Production Engineering

In cooperation with the Technical University Berlin, RENAC is running the Master of Science degree study GPE- Solar (Global production engineering for solar technologies).


Heliocentris Energiesysteme GmbH - 2012

Heliocentris 2012 - Seminar on Capacity Building on Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems

Heliocentris commissioned RENAC to organize a two-day training on hybrid renewable energy systems with a specific focus on system design.


Information Event 2012

Information Event – Energy Efficiency in Industry in Brazil

This seminar is part of the Export Initiative Energy efficiency of the German Government.



Intersolar Europe - Conception, organization and support of international delegations at the intersolar Europe 2011

The Intersolar is the most important professional exhibition for solar technologies worldwide. To promote the exchange between international visitors and the exhibitors, the exhibition corporation Solar Promotion offers guided tours during the Intersolar. 


Delegations Programme for Companies from Madagascar

Inwent 2008 - Delegations Programme for Companies from Madagascar

On behalf of InWEnt, RENAC designed a programme for, and accompanied a delegation of business representatives from Madagascar. 


International Renewable Energy Agency

IRENA 2009 - Workshop on Capacity Building to support IRENA in Abu Dhabi

A one-day seminar on Capacity Building was held in October in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Abu Dhabi to support the newly established International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in developing its capacity building strategy. 


Seminar for the KfW Development Bank

KfW India 2011 - Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment

Commissioned by the KfW, RENAC developed and conducted a tailor-made two-day seminar about “Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment”. 


King Abdullah CARE, Saudi Arabia

King Abdullah CARE 2011 - Solar Energy conversion in Saudi Arabia

King Abdullah-CARE requested RENAC to organize a three-day training program focused on solar energy (Concentrating Solar Power and Photovoltaics) to be held parallel to the Saudi Solar Energy Forum.


Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR)

KISR 2012 - Capacity Building on Solar Thermal Energy and Photovoltaics

KISR is also a long-time partner of RENAC, which has organized a variety of trainings for the institute since 2008.


Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR)

KISR 2013 - Introduction to On-grid Photovoltaic Systems in Kuwait

Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) requested RENAC to prepare a proposal for a training program on on-grid photovoltaic. The planned course was to run over 5 days, with RENAC covering 4 days (about 80%) of the course. The course was to provide general knowledge on photovoltaic systems to KISR technicians, engineers, and operators. The 5th day was covered by Dr. Hassan Qasem of KISR, who was to lecture on the topic of environmental impacts of photovoltaic technologies and systems. RENAC have previously provided training courses in photovoltaics and solar thermal energy for KISR in Kuwait.


Seminar on Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Korea Housing Welfare Association 2012

RENAC was commissioned to conduct a one-day seminar on energy efficiency in buildings by the Korea Housing Welfare Association. 


2016 - Capacity Building and Indo-German Cooperation

Legislator's Capacity Building on German Climate and Energy Policies and Indo-German Cooperation

Since the energy sector is also one of the key areas of the Indo-German Development Cooperation, the German Federal Foreign Office was asked to assist by preparing the Renewable Energy Act and the National Energy Policy.


MBA Renewables - since 2011

MBA Renewables Master Study: Distance Learning Degree Programme

The MBA-Renewables study is the first, and up to now only part-time, English, distance learning programe worldwide combining the degree "Master of Business Administration" with focus on renewable energy and partly on energy efficiency. 


Asia Department of Misereor, North Korea 2011

Misereor 2011 - Training on Wind Energy for North Korea

RENAC was commissioned by the Asia Department of Misereor to design and organize a seminar for Korean decision makers from ministries and institutions on how to enhance the renewable energy development. 


Ministry of Foreign Affairs United Arabian Emirates (MOFA) - 2011

Mofa 2011 - Capacity Building on Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency in UAE

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abu Dhabi (MOFA) had asked RENAC to provide two 5-days training programs on the whole range of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies with an emphasis on technologies relevant for Abu Dhabi. 


Technical Consulting

MWI Jordan 2013 - Photovoltaic based energy farming in Jordan

RENAC prepared a study on a sample plant and system design of the grid connection for on-grid PV systems in the Al Mafraq and Al Zaqra region on behalf of the Initiative of Adaptation to Climate Change in the Water Sector in the MENA Region and the GIZ. 


OGS Nigeria 2011

OGS 2011 - Introduction to Renewable Energy for the ECOWAS region

RENAC conducted a training program in Ghana for business people and other persons interested in renewable energies. 


Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PaeW)

PAEW 2010 - Capacity Building in Oman on Solar Technologies

PEAW assigned RENAC to design and conduct a two-week training for engineers and also administrative staff about photovoltaic, solar thermal and CSP. 


Promoting Solar Energy in Chile / Deutsche Klima- und Technologieinitiative (DKTI 2015)

While the renewable energy sector in Chile experiences a significant growth, most of the technical expertise comes from foreign staff. Against this backdrop, RENAC was commissioned by the GIZ to support the establishment of local expertise in the field of renewable energy.


Technologies, Financing, Frameworks

RCREEE 2009 - Training for Decision Makers from MENA Countries on Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency

The Regional Center for Renewable Energy & Efficiency (RCREE) is an independent think tank for the MENA region based in Cairo which is dedicated to the promotion of renewable energies and energy efficiency. RENAC provided an eight day seminar for 20 young leaders from RCREEE countries. 


Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE)

RCREEE 2010 - Training on financing Renewable Energy Technologies in Beirut for RCREEE Members

Participants from eight RCREEE member states attended a five day course for renewable energy financing in Beirut-Lebanon in October 2010. 


ReGrid 2011- 2014

ReGrid 2011 - 2014 Capacity Building on Integration of Large Amounts of Renewable Energy in Electricity Grids

ReGrid "Capacity Building on Integration of Large Amounts of Renewable Energy into the Electricity Grids” was a capacity building program within the German International Climate Initiative (ICI) from 2011-2014. The Renewables Academy AG was commissioned by the Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Buillding and Nuclear Safety to facilitate the ReGrid program. 


Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama

REN@EARTH 2011 - 2013 - Capacity building on renewable energy with a focus on the humid tropics

RENAC supported the EARTH University in Costa Rica to integrate renewable energy technologies into the existing study program and to build up sustainable training structures for further education by delivering Capacity Building Services. 


Finance in Motion

Renewable Energy Project Finance Workshop Series with Finance in Motion 2012 - 2016

Finance in Motion, the technical assistance for the Green for Growth Fund, Southeast Europe (GGF), has contracted RENAC to train local banks in Southeast Europe on renewable energy (RE) projects and their financing. Through such capacity building, financial institutes are provided with the knowledge and skills to assess the conditions for the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies in their respective countries.


RENAC Open Training

Renewable Energy Summer School 2013

The Summer School blended three weeks of trainings with site visits and international networking. Participants had the choice to take one, two or three weeks according to their interest. It offered an opportunity to get an insight into renewable energy sources and the various technologies of harnessing it. The program was geared at using the best part of the year not only for vacation but also for study. 



Repower 2012 - Training for employees of Repower on the financing of wind farms

The company REpower systems, a globally operating manufacturer for on-shore and off-shore wind power plants, wanted to offer its employees a seminar to deepen their know-how regarding the financing of wind parks. RENAC designed a practice-oriented three-day course with a special focus on funding issues. 


Study Tour for Indian Experts

Rural Study Tour on Wind, Photovoltaics, Biomass - 2016

GFA Consulting Group has commissioned RENAC to prepare a 10-day study tour for participants from the Rural Electrification Corporation Limited (REC).


Market Research Study

Schüco 2008 - Market Analysis

RENAC was commissioned by Schüco to support two market research study on solar thermal for South Africa and Photovoltaics in South Korea study.


Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia

SEDA 2012 - Train-the-Trainer Seminar and Consultancy on Training Center for PV

The Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia (SEDA) team approached RENAC to support them to train and qualify instructors for photovoltaics. 


SERC - Sokoto Energy Research Centre, Energy Commission of Nigeria

SERC Nigeria 2012 - Training on Renewable Energies and a Study Tour

RENAC organized a two-week training combined with a study tour for academics from Sokoto. 


SHRDC - Selangor Human Resource Development Centre

SHRDC 2013 - Expert Craftsmen in Solar Technology – Train-the-Trainer and installation seminars

The Selangor Human Resource Development Centre (SHRDC) has contracted RENAC to carry out a 2.5-week train-the-trainer seminar for PV installers as well as a training for PV installers of the same length. The seminars conform to the German training standard “Expert Craftsmen in Solar Technology (Fachkraft für Solartechnik)”. In addition to the training, RENAC consults SHRDC to equip training centers for PV.


Renewable Energy Training Programme in South Africa

Skills Development for Green Jobs 2013

The project "Skills Development for Green Jobs" aims to contribute to combat the shortage of skilled workers for the green economy, in particular the introduction of partial qualifications into existing qualification profiles, and supporting the development of new training profiles for which a demand from the green economy is already becoming apparent.


Conference organization

SMET 2008 - Conference organization in Munich and San Francisco

In cooperation with Solar Promotion, the VDMA and SEMI the Berlin conference company Solarpraxis (verlinken) organized the "Solar Material, Equipment and Technology Conference“ (SMET) 2008 in Munich and San Francisco.


PV-Diesel-Hybrid Systems

Solar Energy System Engineering 2014

As assigned by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), RENAC conducted a seminar on Solar Energy System Engineering tailored to suit engineers and energy consultants. The training, which took place at RENAC’s Training Centre in Berlin, included hands-on measurements with solar panels as well as an excel-based simulation tool.


IRENA Global Atlas

Spatial Planning Techniques for solar and wind power projects 2014-2015

In 2014, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) commissioned RENAC to develop and implement a didactical concept on how to use renewable resource maps. Those maps, which indicate for instance solar and wind potentials, are a key element in the transition towards green energy. IRENA itself provides a database on renewable resource maps, known as the Global Atlas.


Sunrain, China

Sunrain 2012 - Solar Thermal Systems for Hot Water Provision

Sunrain, a top Chinese solar thermal water heater manufacturer, commissioned RENAC to conduct a training program on Solar Thermal Systems for Hot Water Provision.


A cooperation with Caritas Czech Republic (CCR) and the Construction Development Center (CDC)

Supporting a greener and more energy efficient construction industry in Mongolia 2015 - 2016

Caritas Czech Republic (CCR) is implementing the project "Supporting a greener and more energy efficient construction industry in Mongolia" in cooperation with the Construction Development Center (CDC). The project includes the provision of technical assistance in the establishment of a system of energy declaration for buildings and to build capacity on energy auditing. CCR approached RENAC to organise a training course in Berlin on energy auditing and energy building declaration for Mongolian state auditors.



Sustainable Energy for All initiative – Technical Assistance Facility 2014-2017

Since 2014, RENAC supports the Sustainable Energy for All initiative (SE4All) - Technical Assistance Facility (SE4ALL- TAF) for Western and Central Africa as well as for Eastern and Southern Africa. RENAC is part of a consortium which was formed by the EU Commission within the framework of the United Nations, and includes partners such MWH, WS Atkins International, Ecofys Germany, GFA Consulting Group, ADETEF, EPTISA, Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving, HCL Consultants and the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.


European Commission - Executive Agency for Competitiveness & Innovation

SUSTAINGAS 2012 - 2015

Within the SUSTAINGAS project RENAC offers online training courses, and organises workshops in the various countries for organic farmers and producers of sustainable electricity.


Training on Renewables Energy and Efficiency

TREE - Transfer Renewables Energy and Efficiency 2008 - 2013

TREE was a capacity building and know-how transfer project, realized in several project phases. It offered comprehensive training on technical, legal and economic aspects of renewable energy technologies. Participants from each of the target countries were offered a range of training opportunities, combining training seminar in their native country, and technical seminars at the RENAC training centre in Berlin.


Training on Energy Efficiency

TrEff - International Capacity Building Programme 2012 -2013

RENAC has been commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology to conduct the project “TrEff – Training in Energy Efficiency” as a part of the Energy Efficiency Export Initiative “Energy Efficiency – made in Germany”. 


Lahmeyer International (LI), BZEE Academy GmbH - 2016

Upscaling Wind Power Training in Vietnam

As Vietnamese fast growing economy focuses more and more on sustainable energy supply and sets its goals primarily on renewable energy development, additional trainings and capacity building is needed. Therefore, Lahmeyer International (LI) together with RENAC and the BZEE Academy GmbH, was commissioned to design and provide a training on project development, implementation and financing in the wind power sector. A course covers basics of wind power project execution and financing fundamentals.


Train-the-Trainer 2016

Wigton - Train-the-Trainer seminars in Jamaica for the Caribbean region

RENAC and the Wigton Wind Farm were offering Train-the-Trainer seminars on a variety of renewable energy technologies: Photovoltaics, solar thermal systems, wind power, small hydro power and bioenergy systems.


World Bank Group, Washington D.C., USA

World Bank 2012 - Training on photovoltaics and wind energy for ESMAP, WBG

RENAC was requested by the World Bank Group to organize an in-house training on wind energy and photovoltaics. 


World Bank Group, Washington D.C., USA

World Bank 2014 - Large scale solar PV Training in Nepal

RENAC provided bank staff and NEA staff with quality and updated information on solar PV technology.


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