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Thursday, 14. December 2017
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Practical training and experience - the key to successful learning

RENAC’s renewable energy training courses are designed according to current market requirements and are targeted at either young or senior professionals. We aim to ensure that our participants receive high-quality renewable energy trainings in line with the following guidelines:

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Practice-oriented hands-on training

RENAC course participants benefit from a practice-oriented hands-on training, tailored to job-requirements in the renewable energy industry. 

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Independance of component producers

We operate independently of component producers, so we can always work with the best available technologies according to an individual customer’s needs and climatic preconditions.

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Regional particularities

Our training content is always adapted according to regional particularities. 

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Practical instructions

Most of our trainings are supplemented by practical instructions in our Training Center in Berlin, or using mobile training equipment at your site.

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Flexible training formats

We offer flexible training formats, taking into consideration the time constraints of busy professionals.


Renewable energy value chains

Our renewable energy course topics follow the renewable energy value chains. We do not only cover the technical aspects, but also other relevant issues such as calculation of profitability and financing, project management, marketing and sales and many others. 

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Participatory learning

RENAC course participants enjoy participatory learning, rather than frontal teaching. A whole range of interactive training methodologies helps us to design our lessons in a way that participants not only listen passively, but also act actively

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Renewable energy certificate

A RENAC renewable energy certificate can be obtained either in a classroom seminar, through the online courses or in a blended mix of both.


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