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RENAC Online: E-learning for actual practice!

RENAC's objective is to make knowledge on renewable energy and energy efficiency available worldwide, for clients in any location or time zone. Both if you are new to renewable energy or if you would like to further specialise, the Renewables Academy Online (RENAC Online) offers a variety of trainings that will suit your needs.

RENAC Online trainings start on 1 April and 1 October of each year.

Why register for a RENAC Online training?

  • Extensive individual support via the course forum and live lectures (Virtual Classroom)
  • Small comprehensive units of instruction
  • Self-evaluation tests
  • Video lectures
  • RENAC certificate
  • The trainings are officially certified by the German Central Office for Distance Learning (ZFU)

Are you new to renewable energy or do you need to learn about further technologies?

Introduction to Renewable Energy

Applying Renewable Energy - online training

Based on the current world market trends in green energy, Applying Renewable Energy offers different course combinations on a wide variety of technologies. These trainings will provide you with the fundamental knowledge on renewable energy to carry out your professional activities.

Additionally, Applying Renewable Energy establishes the perfect basis to undertake further RENAC Online specialisations.

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Do you want to specialise?

Grid Integration of Renewable Energy

Certified ReGrid® Manager (CRGM) - online training

You can become a Certified ReGrid® Manager (CRGM) by choosing RENAC's certified online training on grid integration of renewable energy. CRGM provides detailed information about methodologies to plan and operate electricity systems with large amounts of wind and solar power. You will learn how to manage transformation processes in your energy system and/or company. 

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Photovoltaic and PV-diesel hybrid systems

Certified PV Professional - online training

After completing this online training, you will understand the different applications of both grid-connected and off-grid PV technologies, as well as PV-diesel hybrid systems. The Certified PV Professional online training provides knowledge on planning and operation of different types of PV systems, pointing out critical success factors.

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Project planning and financing with a technology-specific focus

Certified Renewable Energy Project Developer - online training

In this online training, you will learn about the most critical parameters to develop bankable projects. Furthermore, this course combination transfers knowledge on different types of support mechanisms for renewable energy and their respective methodology. You can then focus on a specific technology with one eligible project planning course: Photovoltaics, PV-diesel hybrid systems, biogas or solar thermal for hot water production. 

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Registration, Dates and Prices

No. Title Date Location
16_OK_01 Applying Renewable Energy: Market Leaders 01.04. - 30.09.2017 online
16_OK_04 Applying Renewable Energy: Large-Scale Systems 01.04. - 30.09.2017 online
16_OK_02 Applying Renewable Energy: Solar Technologies 01.04. - 30.09.2017 online
16_OK_03 Applying Renewable Energy: Small-Scale Systems 01.04. - 30.09.2017 online
16_OK_05 Applying Renewable Energy: Complete Overview 01.04. - 30.09.2017 online
16_OK_06 Certified ReGrid® Manager (CRGM) 01.04. - 30.09.2017 online
16_OK_07 Certified PV Professional 01.04. - 30.09.2017 online
16_OK_08 Certified Renewable Energy Project Developer 01.04. - 30.09.2017 online

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More than 850 participants have joined RENAC Online!

Before this online training, I did not believe in e-learning. Now I do believe it can improve participants’ competency and provide sufficient support to those willing to improve”, ReGrid participant.

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