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Thursday, 14. December 2017
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Grid Integration of Renewable Energy

Certified ReGrid® Manager (CRGM)

This online training demonstrates how a high amount of variable renewable energy (wind and solar) can be safely integrated into the electricity supply. It shows which steps are essential for the power system transformation.

The online training was developed within the ReGrid® programme on "Capacity Building on Integration of Large Amounts of RenewableEnergy into the Electricity Grids“ within the German International Climate Initiative (ICI) from 2011 to 2013. Since then, RENAC offers thistraining to interested professionals worldwide and regularly updates the training material. More than 250 experts working for grid operators, energy supply service companies, energy ministries, regulators, project developers or consultants in more than 10 countries have successfully completed the training.

Who should join the „Certified ReGrid(R) Manager (CRGM)“ online training?

This training suits you if you

  • plan or operate power systems with an increasing share of wind and solar
  • need to manage resulting transformation processes in the energy system
  • are involved in other aspects of VRE grid integration, e.g. calls for tender, development of grid codes or grid connection studies for renewables
  • are a Master student and want to complement your studies in electrical engineering or other engineering fields

The main target group for the seminars are professionals in the energy sector with an engineering background. If you are not an engineer but have working experience in the context of power systems, you are also invited to participate: You will learn how engineers solve grid integration problems and acquire the background knowledge for successful communication with technical staff.


No. Title Date Location
18_OK_06 Certified ReGrid® Manager (CRGM) 01.04. - 30.09.2018 online


Are you new to renewables?

Within the Renewables Academy Online, "Applying Renewable Energy – large scale systems“ is a good preparation for this online training. It can be booked by those who would like to build up or refresh their knowledge on photovoltaic, wind, and concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies. Participants who are enrolled in “Applying Renewable Energy” can get early access to the "Certified ReGrid(R) Manager (CRGM)“ courses of the following semester.

Test yourself

If you are not sure you have the required background to successfully take this training, the test in the demo course will help you evaluate your current knowledge.


Introductory courses

Each participant will have access to short introductory courses on energy and electricity topics to learn or revise the basics. These courses are not mandatory, and will not be covered in the exam.

CRGM courses

The online training comprises of eight courses:

  •  Highly resolved scenarios
  •  Short term prediction 
  • Generator concepts
  •  Balancing power
  •  Grid codes
  •  Generation expansion planning
  •  Grid and system integration studies
  •  Energy storage

Click here for the detailed contents of the course

Screenshots from RENAC's e-learning platform

Please click on the pictures below to visit the demo course on RENAC's e-learning platform.

Video lecture
Self-assessment test


Any questions? Click here to read through our FAQ.

Certified online course

Detailed course description


  • 3 virtual classroom sessions
  • Online material (text, graphics, charts)
  • Self tests for learning assessment
  • 8 hours of video lectures
  • RENAC advisory services / forum
  • Exam certificate

Study time

About 200 hours study time



Price includes 19% VAT.

Payment with Master Card, VISA or American Express or via invoice.


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