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Sunday, 29. May 2016
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RENAC Summer School 2016

Summer with Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

22 August - 9 September 2016 in Berlin


The Renewables Academy (RENAC) through its Green Energy Summer School (GESS) gives a unique opportunity to get an exceptional insight into renewable energy sources, the various technologies of harnessing them and how to save the energy captured through energy efficiency. GESS, a three week programme, takes place in Berlin in the summer of each year. Each week offers a different theme of renewable energy/energy efficiency designed for different target groups taking into consideration their knowledge on the subject and their background.

The first week of overview of renewable energy technology is designed to suit the interest of technicians and non-technicians who want to enhance their career prospects by getting a comprehensive introduction to the various available renewable energy technologies. In the course of the second week, students, professionals, technicians etc., have the opportunity to obtain an in-depth know-how in both grid-connected and off-grid photovoltaic systems. A third week of two parallel seminars completes the GESS programme with an overview of energy efficiency in industry and buildings and an introduction to bioenergy.

All these are achieved through a blend of up to date theoretical lectures, state of the art practical exercises and field excursions accompanied by a lot of fun and international networking. The "Green Energy Summer School" serves as a platform to study in a team with professionals from many different countries while bringing renewable energy and / or energy efficiency know-how to perfection.

Who can apply?

Week I: Overview of Renewable Energy Technologies

Date: From 22.08.2016  to 26.08.2016
  • Persons with no specific previous knowledge in renewable energy.
  • Individuals with an interest in the different types of renewable energy technologies
  • Anyone who wants to extend his or her knowledge in the field of renewable energies
  • Advisors and consultants,
  • Bank employees responsible for the finance of renewable energy,
  • Insurance company employees
  • Developers, investors,
  • Lawyers, decision makers, government employees
  • Multipliers from industry associations.
  • Students interested in gaining an overview of RE to in order to chose a study path.

Further information & registration


Week II: Grid-connected and off-grid Photovoltaic

Date: From 29.08.2016 to 02.09.2016
    • Persons who want to extend their technical knowledge in the field of photovoltaic
    • Engineers and electricians with limited or no technical knowledge on PV technologies
    • Solar planners and installers,
    • Contractors, project managers, quality inspectors and energy professionals
    • Technical support crew and customer service professionals in the solar energy industry
    • Advisors and consultants
    • Architects and homebuilders
    • Bank employees responsible for the finance of PV projects
    • Insurance company employees and  sales persons
    • Students and those starting or wanting to pursue a professional career in solar PV
    • Staff from government bodies and public authorities responsible for PV implementation
    • Persons interested in the practical aspects of PV system installations.  

    Further information & registration


    Week IIIa: Overview of energy efficiency in industry and buildings

    Date: From 05.09.2016 to 09.09.2016
      • Person who want know the importance of energy efficiency (EE)
      • Individuals interested in EE application in and benefits to buildings and industries
      • Employees of government ministries and administration
      • Municipal authorities, energy agencies and financial institutions
      • Engineers and technical consultants  
      • Architects and homebuilders
      • Facility and company managers who want to develop energy management skills
      • Students who want to gain practical insights into energy efficiency
      • Those starting or wanting to pursue a professional career in energy auditing.

      Further information & registration


      Week IIIb: Introduction to Bioenergy

      Date: From 05.09.2016 to 09.09.2016
        • Engineers with limited technical knowledge on bioenergy technologies
        • Those who want to extend their technical knowledge in the field bioenergy
        • People planning to establish new bioenergy business projects
        • Policy-makers in charge of promoting the regional use of renewable energy
        • Non-technicians, advisors and consultants, responsible for the finance of bioenergy projects
        • Project developers, insurance company and bank employees
        • Students starting their career in the bioenergy field
        • Staff from government bodies and other public authorities responsible for renewable energy implementation
        • People working in the industry-, non-profit-, public- and academic sectors who wish to get a comprehensive introduction to bioenergy technologies,
        • Ideal for newcomers to the bioenergy industry.

        Further information & registration


        The price for a week-long course is 1,500 Euro. There is a reduction of 100 Euro off the initial price of a week upon registration for two weeks. Should the full summer course of three weeks be booked there will be a reduction on 200 Euro off the initial price for each week. The prices and condition for additional reduction* are as follows:


        One weekTwo weeksThree weeksEarly bird priceCompany price
        Registration ConditionA single weeks attendanceTwo weeks attendanceAll three weeks attendance8 weeks before course begins3 or more persons from the same institution
        Reduction on the weekly pricenone- 6,7%- 13%- 10%- 10%
        Reduction on the weekly pricenone- 100 Euro- 200 Euro- 150 Euro- 150 Euro
        Fee /week /person*1,500 Euro1,400 Euro1,300 Euro1,350 Euro1,350 Euro

        *A maximum of 15% reduction for a combination of any of the options- early bird price, company and registrations of >1 week. All prices include 19% VAT, course material, lunch and coffee breaks, welcome event, and field trips.

        A voucher code is generated with each registration. Use this code with subsequent registration to benefit from additional reduction.

        Language and location

        Language: English

        Location: Berlin, Germany

        Seminar materials

        Participants of these seminars will receive all presentations as a print out as well as information on further reading


        For further information please contact:

        GESS 2016 Flyer

        Click here to download the flyer for this year's GESS.


        “The best thing about this course is that RENAC connects theoretical education with practice for participants from different countries and with different experiences. This is praiseworthy and memorable” GESS Bioenergy participant, 2015.

        “A big thank you to the RENAC staff for all the effort to make this training a success. It was a good and exciting week of study.” Overview of Renewable Energy Technologies participant, 2014.

        “I would like to thank all instructors and organiser for this useful event.” Grid-connected and Off-grid Photovoltaics participant, 2014.

        “It was a well prepared course. I enjoyed all of it. I have really learnt a lot.” Overview of Energy Efficiency in Industry and Buildings participant, 2014.


        RENAC is situated in the center of Berlin with a lot of Hostels/Hotels around it. RENAC will support you in finding a suitable accommodation, nevertheless the booking you have to make yourself.

        List hotels /hostels situated close to the Renewables Academy and their prices range 


        The Renewable Energy Summer School takes place in RENAC’s Training Center. It is located in the heart of Berlin, at 5 minutes walking distance to the central place Alexanderplatz. Close by to the training premises at RENAC are plenty of boutiques, cafés, bars, museums, cinemas and other opportunities to enjoy the evenings or the week-end during the best season in Berlin.

        Terms and conditions

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