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Thursday, 14. December 2017
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Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)


Participants will learn about the fundamentals of the current CSP technologies, the state of the technology and the possible applications. The course also covers storage technologies, power generation, operation and maintenance and the choice of location for a plant. An introduction to project management will enhance the understanding of the key implementation steps and the key success factors for a CSP project. The theoretical part of the course is complemented by an investigation of the economic feasibility of CSP. The course also includes the use of modeling software to investigate the effects of various parameters (natural factors, costs, finance).

Topics: 

  • Overview of CSP technologies and future development 
  • Power generation 
  • Selection criteria for sites 
  • System simulation and design 
  • Operation and maintenance of CSP systems 
  • Cooling and desalination 
  • Project phases and time scales 
  • Tendering procedures 
  • Business models, finance and risk assessment 
  • Economics

Suitable for:

Engineers, project developers, consultants, ministries, public authorities, grid operators and utilities, those in the building sector




3-4 days



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