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Thursday, 14. December 2017
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Especialización en Energías Renovables - Specialisation in renewable energy

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Latin America, despite its abundant renewable energy resources, is to date only utilizing a fraction of its renewable energy potential to meet its rising energy demands.

However, the sustainable supply of energy is high on the political agenda everywhere in Latin America. In recent years several countries have initiated various legal and fiscal policy measures to set up an investment-friendly political environment. However, implementation is slow-moving and inadequate for coping with increasing energy demands.

Further education of professionals is one of the most important instruments to implement renewable energy technologies in Latin America on a wider scale. Especialización en Energías Renovables aims to fulfill this need.

About 'Especialización en Energías Renovables'

The Especialización online learning programme has been developed by the Renewables Academy AG (RENAC) in Berlin, Germany, in cooperation with the EARTH University in Costa Rica. The programme covers fundamental knowledge on renewable energy technologies as well as advanced knowledge on the technical and economic aspects of planning renewable energy projects. Projects and case studies presented will range from small-scale rural electrification projects through to larger-scale grid-connected projects. Electricity and heat generating technologies will be covered. The programme aims to provide learners with the understanding and expertise that will put them in good stead to embark on renewable energy installations in their countries.

Typical positions for graduates of 'Especialización en Energías Renovables'

  • public sector employment (e.g. in ministries or energy agencies) in
  • fields relating to renewable energy and sustainable energy development
  • private sector employment (e.g. own business or energy supply companies) in fields relating to renewable energy and sustainable energy development
  • working in the practical implementation of renewable energy projects
  • renewable energy system design in an engineering company
  • renewable energy advisor in public institutions or private companies
  • renewable energy specialist in an energy supply company
  • renewable energy project manager in funding institutions, banks or NGOs
  • economics or business professional with specialism in renewable energy
  • renewable energy technical consultant
  • technical sales professional with specialisation in renewable energy

Overall learning objectives

Upon completion of this Especialización the learner can expect to:

  • understand the main renewable energy technologies currently used
  • understand renewable energy systems from power generation to consumption
  • understand the different phases of renewable energy project development
  • understand the different technology options, system sizing, project feasibility and policies to support them
  • identify the main components of the systems, their purpose and basic principles of operation
  • identify the key considerations for commissioning, operation and maintenance of these systems
  • identify maintenance tasks necessary for proper system operation
  • be familiar with financial indicators and be able to use measures for assessing financial renewable energy project performance

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