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Friday, 4. September 2015
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You are here: RENAC International | About us

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The Renewables Academy AG (RENAC), based in Berlin, Germany, is one of the leading international providers for renewable energy training and energy efficiency education. Since our founding in January 2008, over 5,800 participants from 141 nations worldwide have benefited from our expertise in the technology, financing, management and market development of alternative energy. Berlin, a multicultural metropolis with an extensive network of relevant institutions in business, research and academia, as well as government agencies and embassies, is an ideal location for the Renewables Academy.

Our specialities are
  • Combining technical and non-technical topics for the dissemination of renewables - A high degree of practical content
  • Competence with the requirements for local frameworks and climate
  • Knowledge of how to develop markets and implement RE technologies
  • Training center for hands-on practical tasks (in Berlin and mobile training center)
  • Training of non-technical skills, such as project management, financing, contracts
  • RENAC trainings can be conducted in Berlin and abroad
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