CLEAN KWAT - Integrating Environmental Considerations into Energy System Development

CLEAN k-WAT Project aimed at the preparation of teaching material and media on the ‘impacts of energy systems including renewables on the environment and nature’. The first objective of the project is to prepare training materials for the target group identified as energy systems designers and energy systems engineering students. A book and related documents are prepared and used in partner universities with the help of ICT in training, teaching & learning activities. In addition, an E-learning platform will be prepared.

Furthermore the project is oriented on enhancing the quality & performance of VET system, improving information & guidance systems & strengthening the EU dimension in the energy systems development & development through promoting creativity, innovation & transfer of EQF principles in terms of increasing the qualification & training of the main target group in the sector.

Involved parties:

  • Giresun University (Promoter, Turkey)
  • Orkon International Engineering Training Consulting (Coordinator, Turkey)
  • Gazi University (Turkey)
  • Kali Energy (Turkey)
  • Asocicacion Amigos de Europa Leaonardo da Vinci (Spain)
  • University of Belgrade (Serbia)
  • Energiaklub (Hungary)
  • Renewables Academy AG (Germany)

Project objectives:

  • Definition of joint Learning Objective (LO) based blended learning model in energy sector; establishment of innovative competence standard & qualifications description approach in terms of content & target audience.
  • Adaptation & development of courses in accordance to the define qualification model & implementation of EQF/ISCO/ESCO principles.
  • Provide a Training Book on “Integrating Environmental Considerations into Energy System Development”
  • Provide Documentaries (visual training materials)
  • Implementation of an E-learning Portal


Uta Zaehringer
Director Academic Programmes
Tel: +49 (0) 30 526 895 874
Fax: +49 (0) 30 526 895 899
Email: zaehringer[at]

Rayk Albrecht
Project manager
Tel: +49 (0) 30 526 895 874
Fax: +49 (0) 30 526 895 899
Email: albrecht[at]