International communication of the energy transition in Germany


The energy transition (Energiewende) is one of Germany’s most important future oriented projects. The Federal Foreign Office and its consulates abroad are observing an increasing demand for information about the background, targets and processes of the ambitious transformation of the German energy system. The Federal Foreign Office, assisted by the Renewables Academy (RENAC) AG, is supporting German embassies and consulate staff abroad. A helpdesk has been set up assisting the communication of the energy transition with the following services:

Offered Services

Helpdesk: Comprehensive slide set on the energy transition (English)

RENAC developed and continuously updates a set of 100+ slides on the key themes and action fields of the energy transition. These presentations can be used by embassy staff for events in the host country.

  • The Energiewende: introduction and overview
  • The energy system, renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Targets and status of the energy transition
  • Benefits of the energy transition
  • Energy and climate policy in Germany / the German energy system
  • Nuclear phase-out, and coal exit, National Hydrogen Strategy
  • System and network integration
  • Frequently asked questions and further information

Individual slides can be translated for national contexts.

Helpdesk: Compilation of lectures and speeches

RENAC assists the embassies in the compilation of presentations, the writing of speeches or speaker notes for events in the host country. We compile slides and adjust to local context, including speaker notes or input for media in host countries.

Helpdesk: Acquisition of expert speakers

Upon request, RENAC assists in the identification of German expert speakers on all Energiewende-related topics for events organized by the German missions. The expert speakers can give presentations lectures on selected topics relating to the Energiewende.

Helpdesk: Answering Frequently Asked Questions

RENAC responds to dedicated technical questions on all issues and topics around the energy transition energy and climate policy in Germany. Market data, details on latest legal and regulatory developments, cost overviews, contacts to industry representatives … Get in touch with us and we will reply to your requests.

Helpdesk: Twitter/Social Media support (graphics)

RENAC supports the German Foreign Office (AA) in developing content and tweets/graphics for the German Foreign Office's Twitter channels:

Online Database "Who-is-Who of the energy transition"

Funded by the Federal Foreign Office, the online database Who is Who of the Energiewende in Germany offers profiles of key stakeholders involved in the Energiewende process (energy transition) in Germany. The database contains short profiles and contacts of more than 130 German institutions in politics, industry and society in the power, heating and transportation sectors. The database is free of charge and easy to access.

Brochure “Who-is-Who of the Energiewende in Germany“

The brochure „Who-is-Who of the Energiewende in Germany - Contact Partners in Politics, Industry and Society“ offers profiles of the key stakeholders involved in the Energiewende in Germany while presenting their tasks, roles, areas of activity and contact persons.

Download of the brochure:


Dr. Holger Klitzing
Head of Unit Energy Transition & Foreign Policy
Auswärtiges Amt
Werderscher Markt,
10117 Berlin
Tel: +49-30-18-17-2251
E-mail: 410-9[at]


Roman Buss, PhD
Project DirectorEnergy Policy
Renewables Academy (RENAC) AG
Schönhauser Allee 10-11, 10119 Berlin
Tel: +49 (0)30 58 70870 47
Email: buss[at]


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