Communicating the Energiewende Worldwide


The Energiewende is one of Germany’s most important future projects. The Federal Foreign Office and its consulates abroad are observing an increasing demand for information about the background, targets and processes of the energetic transformation of the German energy system. The German missions have been entrusted with the task of presenting and explaining the most important political, economic, social and cultural contexts of the Energiewende in Germany.

The Federal Foreign Office, assisted by the Renewables Academy (RENAC) AG, is supporting the German missions abroad in communicating the German Energiewende internationally with the following services:

Online Database "Who is Who of the Energiewende in Germany"

Funded by the Federal Foreign Office, the online database “Who is Who of the Energiewende in Germany” offers profiles of many key stakeholders involved in the Energiewende process (energy transition) in Germany. The database contains short profiles of more than 120 German institutions in politics, industry and society.

The database:

  • Gives an overview on leading German institutions involved in the Energiewende in the power, heat and transport sectors
  • Describes the main field of expertise and activities within the Energiewende process
  • Helps users to find information on all aspects of the energy transition
  • Provides contact details of English speaking persons for requests for information

The Who is Who offers a concise overview of all relevant actors of the Energy Transtion, including federal and state level ministries, regulators, energy agencies, energy industry associations, financial sector institutions, energy research organisations, policy consultants, NGOs, think tanks, and civil society stakeholders, as well as foundations of political parties.

The database is free of charge and easy to access.

Brochure “Who is Who of the Energiewende in Germany“

The brochure „Who is Who of the Energiewende in Germany - Contact Partners in Politics, Industry and Society“ offers profiles of the key stakeholders involved in the Energiewende in Germany while presenting their tasks, roles,areas of activity and contact persons. This brochure is made available as an online version at:

Download of the brochure:

Twitter channel

RENAC supports the German Foreign Office in developing tweets/graphics for the German Foreign Office's Twitter channel "Energy transition".


A helpdesk has been set up for the individual technical supervision of employees and speakers at the German missions abroad. The helpdesk will answer questions relating to the topic lectures and the brochure „Who is Who of the Energiewende in Germany”.

Topic lectures in German and English

RENAC has prepared a set of slides with topic lectures on the key themes and issues of the Energiewende:

  • The Energiewende: introduction and overview
  • Status quo: the energy system and energy policy in Germany and frequently asked questions
  • Fields of action and technology overview (renewable energy and energy efficiency)
  • System and network integration

These presentations are continuously updated and can be used by embassy staff for events in the host country. The topic lectures can also be adapted to the specific conditions and interests of the country concerned.

Frequently asked questions on the Energiewende, expert speakers and further information

Upon request, RENAC assists in the identification of German expert speakers on dedicated Energiewende topics upon request for events organized by the German missions. The expert speakers can give lectures on selected focal issues relating to the Energiewende.


Dr. Philipp Wendel, LL.M.
Head of Unit
Foreign Policy Issues of Energy Transition
Foreign Energy and Commodity Policy
Werderscher Markt, 10117 Berlin
Tel: +49 (0)30 18 17 2251
Email: 410-9[at]


Dr. Roman Buss
Project Director
Renewables Academy (RENAC) AG
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Tel: +49 (0)30 58 70870 47
Email: buss[at]


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