Trainings in Berlin

Five-day training in Berlin with focus on the German energy transition strategy (Energiewende)

As part of the GECI-programme, RENAC will conduct three five-day trainings, which will exclusively take place in Berlin. These Trainings will cover a wide range of issues connected to the German energy transition strategy (Energiewende) and rise of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Germany both in the public as well as private sector.

These trainings are based on an innovative blended learning package: A combination of an online training (a) with a face-to-face-training in Berlin (b).

For those that pass the entire blended learning package (a)+(b), the title of the awarded certificate is: “GECI-Renewable Energy Education Innovator”.

For those that do not participate in the face-to-face-training in Berlin, but successfully pass the online training, the title of the awarded certificate is: “GECI-Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Innovator - Online

After completing this training, participants shall

  • have gained an in-depth understanding of the German energy transition strategy (Energiewende)
  • have gained knowledge of the German framework for the support of new businesses and start-ups in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • have shared experiences with German actors from the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency and gained useful knowledge applicable to future projects to be implemented in Iran

RENAC welcomes applicants from

  • Ministries and public institutions involved in establishing political and economic frameworks
  • Transmission and distribution grid operators that work towards the integration of electricity from photovoltaic and wind power
  • Enterprises, consultants and project developers working in the renewable energy sectors
  • Universities supporting start-ups and entrepreneurship in the renewable energy sector
  • Non-governmental organisations active in the field of renewable energy


  • 3 x 5 days classroom seminars (3 seminars)
  • 15 hours online training on fundamentals of renewable energy
  • 15 hours online training on fundamentals of energy efficiency
  • 30 hours online training on grid integration of variable renewable energy

The 5 day training shall take place in 2018/19. The application schedule will be published shortly. Please sign-up here, if you wish to be the first to be informed and receive further information about GECI!

Date of trainingTopicCourse No.Application deadlineApplication form
09. – 13.07.2018The German Energy Transition B1-Berlin14.02.2018Closed
24. - 28.09.2018The German Energy Transition B2-Berlin15.05.2018Closed
17.-21.06.2019The German Energy Transition B3-Berlin15.01.2019Closed


Location: Berlin and RENAC’s online platform. For more information about Berlin please visit the following website:
Number of participants: 3 x 12
Language: The training shall be conducted in English


Training fees:

The participation in the seminar within the GECI-programme is covered by a scholarship. It includes costs of materials (color printed hard copies), lunch, coffee/tea breaks, site visits, travel and health insurance for the duration of the training in Berlin.

Travelling costs:

RENAC will cover 50% hotel and flight costs for the participation for the trainings. Participants shall book the inbound and outbound flights and hotel themselves. RENAC will reimburse participants with up to 50% of economy class flight tickets (up to 250 Euro) and hotel costs (up to 42,15 Euro/night for up to six nights) upon submission of payment receipts. The participants shall cover at least 50% of ticket and hotel costs.

Example: RENAC will reimburse 20 Euro/night if the hotel costs 40 Euro/night, 42,15 Euro/night if the hotel costs 90 Euro/night and 42,15 Euro if the hotel costs 100 Euro/night.

How to register?

  • Interested participants have to apply online for a scholarship and accept the terms of reference for the scholarship. IMPORTANT: For VISA application, candidates applying for a training in Berlin must make sure that all required information are filled out in the application form.
  • Costs and procedures necessary for VISA application to Germany is in full responsibility of the participant. RENAC will send an invitation letter as a pdf via email to selected and confirmed participants in due time before the training starts.
  • Participants have to organize and book their travel to/from Berlin and hotel in Berlin as well as other travel arrangements themselves. RENAC will provide information about hotels situated near the Renewables Academy AG in Berlin.

RENAC will evaluate the applications and choose the participants for the training in Berlin. RENAC will send an email of confirmation or refusal to the applicants of the seminars. Please read our Terms of Reference for more detailed information.

Prerequisites and Requirements for the scholarship

  • You have to be an Iranian citizen living in Iran.
  • An online application form should be filled out and submitted. Click here to access the online application form.
  • You have to accept the terms of reference for the participation. Participants should attend the entire seminar
  • Good to very good proficiency in English is mandatory

On receiving the online application, RENAC will evaluate the applications and choose the candidates for the scholarship. RENAC will send an e-mail of confirmation or refusal to the applicants.


Online Application Form

Apply here for trainings in Berlin


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