Trainings in Berlin and Iran

Train-the-Trainer PV with focus on open space industry scale and industry rooftop applications

RENAC welcomes applications for our Train-the-Trainer PV with focus on open space industry scale and industry rooftop applications conducted in Berlin and Iran. This is an innovative blended learning package: A combination of an online training (a) with face-to-face training in Tehran and Berlin.

For those that pass the entire blended learning package (a)+(b), the title of the awarded certificate is: “GECI- Photovoltaic Vocational Training Specialist” For those that do not participate in the face-to-face trainings in Tehran and Berlin, the title of the awarded certificate is: “GECI- Photovoltaic Business Developer - Online

After completing this training, participants shall

  • understand technologies and solar resources and according impact on PV plants
  • calculate the energy yield and the project economics
  • assess and manage project related risks
  • plan operation, maintenance and management
  • draft a bankable business plan
  • have acquired in-depth knowledge on grid integration of photovoltaic
  • be able to train local technicians, project planers, start-ups and companies to develop grid connected open field industry scale and industry rooftop photovoltaic projects
  • apply didactic measures for trainings

This training targets

  • Experts who wish to work as trainers in Iran
  • Project developers
  • Private business representatives



Face-to-face course:

  • 10 days classroom seminar (5 days in Iran + 5 days in Berlin)

Online courses:

  • 15 hours photovoltaic applications
  • 30 hours grid integration of variable renewable energy

The Trainings shall take place in 2018/19. The application schedule will be published shortly. Please sign-up here, if you wish to be the first to be informed!

DateTopicDuration (days)LocationCourse No.Deadline for ApplicationsApplication
24. - 28.08.2019Train-the-Trainer PV5Tehran, IranP5 a-Iran15 Marchn/a
16. - 20.09.2019Train-the-Trainer PV5Berlin, GermanyP5 b- Berlin15 Marchn/a


Location: Berlin, Iran, and RENAC’s online platform
Number of Participants:
Language: The Training shall be conducted in English. The training material will be translated to Persian.


For trainings in Berlin, fees for seminar participation are covered by GECI including materials, laboratories, field trips, lunch, coffee / tea breaks, travel and health insurance for the duration of the seminar. Participants are responsible for booking and paying accommodation and transport. RENAC will reimburse participants with up to 50% of economy class flight tickets (up to 250 Euro) and hotel costs (up to 42,15 Euro/night for up to six nights) upon submission of payment receipts. The participants shall cover at least 50% of ticket and hotel costs.

Example: RENAC will reimburse 20 Euro/night if the hotel costs 40 Euro/night, 42,15 Euro/night if the hotel costs 90 Euro/night and 42,15 Euro if the hotel costs 100 Euro/night.

For the Trainings in Iran, GECI covers fees for the seminar participation including teaching materials, lunch, coffee / tea breaks for the duration of the seminar.

How to apply?

RENAC will choose participants according to the information provided in the application form (CV, motivation letter, references etc.). After the end of the application period, RENAC will select candidates and inform all applicants about their status. Click here to access the online application form.


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Project Director
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