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Moving forward: MBA Renewables alumni discuss “Perspectives of Renewable Power Generation for On-grid and Off-grid Power Supply” at the 2nd Alumni Conference

Berlin, 8th May 2018

Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin and the Renewables Academy AG (RENAC) are organising the second MBA Renewables Alumni Conference, which takes place from 6 to 10 June in Berlin (Germany). Backed with expertise on economic, financial and legal aspects, MBA Renewables former students from 21 countries will discuss “Perspectives of Renewable Power Generation for On-grid and Off-grid Power Supply”. The Alumni Conference enables exchange and international networking during the various seminars, practical exercises and field trips.

Energy transition processes towards green energy require the combination of different renewable energy technologies for on-grid and off-grid power supply. MBA Renewables graduates constitute a multicultural group of experts with diverse focuses on the renewable energy and energy efficiency fields, thus making the Alumni Conference an excellent platform for discussion. Moreover, this year MBA Renewables has reached the milestone of having 75 graduates.

I decided to participate in the holistic MBA Renewables to enhance my skills and, most of all, to formalise my practical experience gained during my daily work”, explained Jens Hauser, MBA Renewables 75th Graduate and energy expert at Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “The certificate of an acknowledged higher education facility such as Beuth University of Applied Science clearly proves my renewable energy skills and illustrates my expertise.”

The distance learning programme MBA Renewables is designed to equip future leaders with advanced interdisciplinary management skills for executive positions in the highly globalised market of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Graduates can pursue career paths along the whole green energy value chain, from the private sector to public organisations, financing institutions and consultancies.

Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin offers more than 72 accredited programmes in engineering, science and economics. The Institute of Distance Learning has more than 32 years of experience in higher education.

RENAC, a globally operating expert on training for renewable energies and energy efficiency, serves as a bridge between students and the industry.

The application period for the next MBA Renewables intake ends on 1 September, 2018. For further information, please visit the MBA Renewables website.

The MBA Renewables Alumni Conference is supported by German Academic Exchange Service - DAAD - with funds from the Federal Foreign Office.


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La Especialización en Energías Renovables recibe acreditación que certifica su compatibilidad con una Maestría europea

San Jose, 2 de mayo 2018

El programa académico de aprendizaje a distancia Especialización en Energías Renovables, ofrecido por la Universiad EARTH de Costa Rica en colaboración con la empresa alemana Renewables Academy AG (RENAC), ha obtenido la certificación del Accreditation, Certification and Quality Assurance Institute (ACQUIN). El objetivo de ACQUIN es apoyar el mantenimiento y la mejora de los estándares de calidad para la enseñanza y el aprendizaje en la educación superior. Por lo tanto, esta certificación confirma la calidad de la Especialización en Energías Renovables, así como su compatibilidad con los créditos europeos a nivel de Maestría.

La Especialización en Energías Renovables es un programa interdisciplinario. Ésta proporciona conocimientos sobre diferentes tecnologías de energías renovables, desarrollo y gestión de proyectos, financiación, mecanismos de apoyo y rentabilidad. Asimismo, una semana de prácticas opcional se lleva a cabo en el campus de la Universidad EARTH en Costa Rica.

La Especialización en Energías Renovables es perfecta para aquéllos interesados en desarrollar una carrera en el sector de las energías renovables. Tanto profesionales del sector público como privado, ingenieros, consultores, comerciantes o empresarios pueden beneficiarse de los contenidos de este programa académico.

La fase presencial permite poner en práctica los conocimientos adquiridos durante el primer cuatrimestre. Según el participante Felipe Alfaro Solís, “la Especialización tiene gran contenido. No sólo se trata de una herramienta teórica y práctica, sino de una gran experiencia de vida. Te carga de conocimientos y de razones. Es una excelente oportunidad”.

RENAC es especialista en la transferencia de conocimiento en energías renovables y eficiencia energética a nivel internacional. Desde 2008, RENAC ha contado con más de 10.000 participantes de 147 países.

Desde 1990, la Universidad EARTH se ha dedicado a formar jóvenes con valores éticos para contribuir al desarrollo sostenible y construir una sociedad próspera y justa. EARTH fue fundada en 1986 como una institución internacional privada, sin fines de lucro, gracias al apoyo del Gobierno de Costa Rica, la Agencia de los Estados Unidos para el Desarrollo (USAID) y la Fundación W.K. Kellogg.
El vencimiento del plazo de aplicación para la Especialización finaliza el 15 de agosto de 2018. El curso inicia el 1 de septiembre de 2018.

Para más información, visite este enlace.

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Energy through education! The Renewables Academy AG (RENAC) celebrates 10 successful years of disseminating know-how on renewable energy and energy efficiency around the world

Berlin, 22nd March 2018

The Renewables Academy AG (RENAC), based in Berlin (Germany), is very proud to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Since its founding in 2008, RENAC has become an important and innovative provider of international trainings and capacity building for renewable energy and energy efficiency all around the world. More than 10,000 participants from over 140 countries have joined RENAC programmes.

In 2008, Berthold Breid, RENAC’s founder and director, had the dream to support the international development of green energy markets through know-how transfer and exchange of expertise on renewable energy and energy efficiency. “Knowledge is one of the key factors for the sustainable development of clean and secure energy supplies”, said Mr. Breid. “Through our activities, we aim at satisfying the increasing demand for expertise throughout the public sector, private sector, finance sector, and potential investors in the green energy markets. Thanks to our participants, clients, partners, and, of course, the RENAC team, this dream has been possible.”

One of the first big projects was TREE - Transfer Renewable Energy and Efficiency. TREE offered comprehensive training on technical, legal and economic aspects of renewable energy technologies for participants from 90 countries. Since then, RENAC has implemented more than 500 capacity buildings projects worldwide. Some of the many success stories include the design and installation of Training Centres and regional Train-the-Trainer seminars at Wigton Windfarm (Jamaica) as well as at the EARTH University (Costa Rica), the programme Green Banking -Capacity Building on Green Energy and Climate Finance for the finance sector and trainings on grid integration of renewable energy. 

RENAC also offers the academic degrees MBA Renewables -in collaboration with the Beuth University of Applied Sciences - and Especialización en Energías Renovables – together with the Earth University-, as well as a wide variety of face-to-face and online open trainings. Additionally, as consultant for the German Energy Solutions Initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, RENAC has organised about 350 events for German companies so far.


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Berlin, 26th February 2018

RENAC’s Green Banking project: Winner of the Innovationspreis für Klima und Umwelt (Innovation Award for Climate and Environment)

The Renewables Academy AG (RENAC)’s project Green Banking - Capacity Building on Green Energy and Climate Finance has been awarded the Innovationspreis für Klima und Umwelt (IKU) by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) and the Federation of German Industries (BDI). The IKU Award honors innovative ideas that protect the climate and the environment while making important contributions to improve the living conditions in different areas.

Green Banking is a three-year scholarship programme that provides capacity building on renewable energy and energy efficiency finance in India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. Professionals from private and public institutions involved or interested in financing green energy projects gain specific knowledge in technologies, financial schemes, risk evaluation, mitigation measures and access to international Climate Funds. Green Banking is implemented by RENAC within the German International Climate Initiative (IKI) with the support of the BMUB.

The call for applications to participate in the upcoming Green Banking activities in 2018 is open until 31st March 2018. These include a Delegation Tour with Business-to-Business (B2B) meetings in Germany, a Train-the-Trainer seminar at RENAC’s Training Centre in Berlin, as well as the Green Finance Specialist (GFS) programme. GFS delivers in-depth knowledge on green finance topics through a combination of a 20-week online training and a 3-day face-to-face training. The programme achieved accreditation by the renowned Finance Accreditation Agency in December 2017.

The IKU jury is composed by 13 high-profile actors coming from the industry, media, political organisations and research institutions. Their final decision has been based on the profound scientific analysis of the applications conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI. Some organisations the jury works for include the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, ZDF, Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology and the Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland, among others.

RENAC, based in Berlin, Germany, is a leading international provider for training and capacity building in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

For further information, please visit Green Banking’s website.


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