GESS III: Wind Turbine Technology

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Wind energy has become one of the world’s most important renewable energy sources, which will continue to grow because it offers many advantages. Understanding the wind turbine generators that produce green electrical energy from this important energy source is essential for working in the wind energy sector. This course, which focuses on wind turbine technology, prepares participants for careers as managers, engineers, project developers, analysts, and inspectors in the wind sector.

As part of the course’s experiential learning process, Wind-Lab, a laboratory turbine, is utilised to demonstrate the working principles and characteristics of wind turbines. Wind-Lab is an app-controlled wind turbine used with a tabletop wind tunnel that allows learners to investigate the turbine’s aerodynamics (rotor) and the electrical system (generator and converter). Participants will conduct experiments with this tool and reflect on their understanding of the technology. Hands-on learning is accompanied by course sessions that cover theoretical concepts.

After completing the course, participants will be familiar with state-of-the-art wind turbine generators, how they are made and work, available market models, and how they are operated in a wind farm to produce reliable, competitive green energy.


  • Introduction to Wind Energy
  • Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines
  • Electricity Generation with Wind Turbines
  • Drive Train Concepts and Components
  • Power Curves of Wind Turbines
  • Control of Wind Turbines
  • Manufacturing of Wind Turbine
  • Wind Farms
  • Challenges of Operation
  • Dynamics of Wind turbines

For more information about the GESS I: Introduction to Renewable Energy Technologies and the GESS II: Management and Economics of Photovoltaic Projects.

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Training Course Objectives:

  • Analyse the working principles of wind turbines
  • Provide a general overview of the main ways to harness wind energy
  • Review wind turbine generator components and how they work together
  • Give an overview of how wind turbines are produced and operated in wind farms
  • Facilitate the acquisition of knowledge by using the Wind-Lab tool
  • Provide the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions on wind projects

Learning Objectives:

After completing the course, you should be able to:

  • state the working principles of wind turbines and differentiate between normal and unexpected behaviour,
  • read a wind turbine datasheet and select a turbine for a specific use and site,
  • calculate the energy yield of a wind turbine and
  • discuss wind energy topics with other professionals.

This course is for you if you:

  • have no background in wind turbine technology and want to begin to gain expertise in wind energy topics to start a career in this field,
  • are working in the wind energy sector and want to learn more about wind turbines or
  • want to communicate better with other wind experts and discuss wind energy topics.

Qualification Level:

No pre-requisites



Duration: 5 days, from 9:00 - 17:00 each day

Start Date: 4 September 2023

End Date: 8 September 2023

Registration Deadline: 6 August 2023

Structure: 2 days covering theory, 2.5 days of practical hands-on Wind-Lab experiments and exercises, and half-day site visit to a wind farm

Number of Participants: 15

Course Location: RENAC Training Centre Berlin, Germany

Certificate Awarded: Certificate of attendance from RENAC

Training Course Language: English

Price: EUR 1,500*

Early Bird Price: EUR 1,350 available until: 23 July 2023


Dr. Emilienne Tingwey

Project Director Face-to-face Trainings
Tel: +49 (0)30 58 70870 52
Email: tingwey[at]


*incl 19 % of German VAT

Additional Information

GESS III: Wind Turbine Technology


  • Assessment of knowledge acquisition
  • Qualified trainer with extensive industry experience
  • Theoretical lecturesdiscussions, and group work
  • State-of-the-art practical training (calculations, hands-on exercises)
  • Use of technology-specific, self-build practical training rigs
  • Informative and engaging site visits or field trips with inspections of power plants and buildings
  • Certificate of attendance from RENAC
  • We offer discounts for our alumni, group bookings, and multiple purchases. Contact us for further details.



Dr. Emilienne Tingwey
Project Director Face-to-face Trainings
Tel: +49 (0)30 58 70870 52
Email: tingwey[at]

Available dates & times

Next Date Type of training Language Registration deadline Price € VAT Info Early bird € Valid until  
04.09.23 - 08.09.23 Face - to - face EN 06.08.2023 1.500,00*

* including 19 % of German VAT


Dr. Emilienne Tingwey, RENAC

Current position:

Emilienne Tingwey joined the Renewables Academy (RENAC) AG in Berlin in 2010 and started off as a project assistant in the international know-how transfer project TREE (Transfer Renewable Energy & Efficiency). After managing various tailor-made courses offered by RENAC and carrying out solar training exercises, she is presently the project director of all face-to face training programmes at RENAC. She is head of the Green Energy Summer School, an annual study event offered by RENAC.

Professional experience:

Emilienne is a certified TüV trainer and trains people on how to carry out renewable energy training seminars and helps others to develop training programmes in renewable energy.Additionally, she is really keen to empower women and youth in the RE sector through training. With RENAC she carried out the APEC project ‘Empowering women as managers of the Renewable Energy‘ on behalf of the United States Department of Energy. Through training and mentoring, the project helped to increase the contribution of women to RE development in APEC economies. She was also in charge of a GIZ sponsored project in Cameroon: Transfer of renewable energy knowledge through the usage of solar photovoltaic to provide energy (electricity) to a local health centre: an off-grid system was installed in a local health centre and thereby training some youth in the community.


Emilienne Tingwey holds a PhD in Environmental Sciences and a Masters in Environmental and Resource Management from the Brandenburg Technical University (BTU) in Cottbus (April 2009). Born in Cameroon, Dr. Emilienne Tingwey grew up and studied in Cameroon right up to her bachelor’s degree before moving to Germany. She speaks fluent English, French, Pidgin, Moghamo and German.

Staffan Wiens, Mint-lab

Staffan Wiens is founder of As an expert in wind energy, he brings experiential learning to schools, universities, and professional training. For more than ten years, Staffan has been designing aerodynamic wind turbines and rotor blades. He also works as a freelancer on knowledge transfer and international projects for the Key Wind Energy GmbH.

Staffan holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Technical University of Berlin. He currently lectures at the Technical University of Berlin, the Berliner Hochschule für Technik (BHT), and the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin (HTW) [University of Applied Sciences].

Yusuf Tatli, Key Wind Energy

Yusuf Tatli has been involved in the wind energy industry for several years. He is currently a project engineer and head of laboratory at Key Wind Energy GmbH. At Key Wind, Yusuf is responsible for processing and managing renewable energy projects and supervising seminars. He also liaises for marketing, purchasing, and project coordination.

Yusuf obtained his master's degree in mechanical engineering from the Technical University of Berlin. During his studies, he focused mainly on the design and fluid system dynamics of wind turbines. As part of his graduate work, he constructed a test rig to determine the bending behaviour of bio-based rotor blades for micro wind turbines during static and dynamic load tests.

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