Renewables Academy Online


The Renewables Academy Online offers a variety of trainings that will suit your needs, whether you are new to renewable energy or wish to specialise further.


  • Flexibility to study at any time and from any location
  • Extensive support and live virtual classrooms
  • Multimedia learning material and self-evaluation tests
  • Certified by the Staatliche Zentralstelle für Fernunterricht - ZFU (German Authority for Distance Learning)
  • RENAC certificate upon successful finalisation of the training


  • Interactive learning platform
  • Cross-browser and mobile-compatible
  • Illustrative material
  • Stream and download videos
  • Self-tests and online exams
  • Forum for participants
  • Integrated glossary and feedback questionnaires

Ongoing training offer:

  • Two course intakes per year: 1st April and 1st October

Raquel Cascales
Project Director E-Learning and Blended Learning
Tel: +49 (0) 30 526 895 877
Fax: +49 (0) 30 526 895 899
Email: cascales[at]


"Certified PV Professional is very good for anyone who has a basic knowledge about renewables and seeking for more indepth practical and economical technicalities about Photovoltaics."

Laith Allahham, Electrical Engineer, Jordan, Certified PV Professional, 2018

"If you want to be a renewable energy project developer, RENAC is the best place to start. I learned a lot in easily manageable ways with much important materials.”

Tadesse Tujuba Kenea, Certified Renewable Energy Project Developer, 2018

"Videos were good, practical examples were also very good to study. (…) Working in RE consulting sector, this is directly relevant for me due to up-coming projects.”

“Certified ReGrid(R) Manager (CRGM)“, 2017

"I think the course was brilliant as all Renac courses are. I have done two solar PV feasibility studies and the knowledge I got from this course helped me to complete them successfully.”

"Certified PV Professional” participant, 2017