AGFW – Energy Efficiency Association for ­Heating, Cooling and CHP


At a glance

  • Promotion of development and extension of energy efficient district heating and cooling as well as combined heat and power in Germany and Europe
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energies in the heat market
  • Setting of standards in the district heating sector
  • Research and development
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Brief description

The AGFW acts as an independent, neutral and powerful international association promoting the development and extension of CHP and district heating and cooling. It supports its member companies by lobbying in the areas of politics, law, technical status, urban development, research and development, economy and organisation and labour safety. AGFW sets standards for minimum requirements, which are integrated as "State of the Art" into the AGFW Codes of Practice. By organising various events, AGFW enables an exchange of experiences within the European branch.

Branches abroad

32 member companies in 9 countries (515 member companies in total)

Contact in Germany

Contact person:
Werner R. Lutsch
+49 (0)69 6304 1
Frankfurt am Main