BDBe - German Bioethanol Industry Association


At a glance

  • Lobby group of the bioethanol industry
  • Safeguarding and pooling of economic interests of member companies and associations with communication towards politics and the public
  • Promotion of bioethanol in Germany
  • Advice for fiscal law and standards
  • Assistance for research and innovation
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Brief description

The German Bioethanol Industry Association (BDBe) represents the interests of its member companies and associations, spanning agricultural production of raw materials to industrial production and processing of bioethanol and its co-products (DDGS, CDS, biogenic carbon dioxide, gluten, yeast, biomethane, organic fertiliser). Different types of bioethanol are produced for use as transport fuels or for the beverage and industrial markets from agricultural feedstock, such as grains and sugar beet. Petrol at German filling stations contains between 5% and 10% certified sustainable bioethanol.

Contact in Germany

Contact person:
Carola Wunderlich
+49 (0)30 301 29 53 13