Deutscher Städtetag - Association of German Cities


At a glance

  • Commitment on a decentralized energy system in the interest of local authorities
  • Support and advice for local authorities in energy policy issues
  • Promotion of knowledge exchange between local authorities on energy and climate issues
  • Communication of municipal best-practice actions in the Energiewende
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Brief description

The Association of German Cities is the voice of Germany’s cities. It is also the national association of all the country’s autonomous, and most of its affiliated, cities and towns. As community of solidarity, it acts as the cities’ advocate for the idea of local self-government in dealings with the Federal Government, federal states, the European Union, and governmental and non-governmental organisations. The work and services of the Association of German Cities are primarily geared to the needs and interests of the direct member cities and their citizens.

Contact in Germany

Contact person:
Detlef Raphael
+49 (0)30 377116 00