DEWI (UL International GmbH)


At a glance

  • Offshore
  • Research, training courses
  • Measurements (power, wind, grid, loads, acoustics)
  • Shadow impact, acoustic prognoses
  • Energy yield assessment, due diligence, turbine inspection
  • Anemometer calibration
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Brief description

DEWI is one of the leading, independent research institutes and service providers in the wind energy industry, combining scientific expertise with technical competence. The DEWI organization is a key driver of knowledge transfer, turning research into actual operation and an active contributor as well as creator of various studies, such as the ‘grid integration of renewable energies’ or the ‘impact of the changes of the renewable energy policy’. DEWI publishes since 1991 bi-annually the DEWI Magazine and statistics for the German wind energy market.

Branches abroad

France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, USA, Brazil, China, India, Korea, Japan

Contact in Germany

Contact person:
Till Schorer
+49 (0)4421 4808 0