Foundation for Environmental Energy Law


At a glance

  • Research and policy advice on energy transition law
  • Studies, presentations and publications on German, European and international energy transition law
  • Conferences, workshops, promotion of young researchers in the field of energy transition law
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Brief description

The Foundation for Environmental Energy Law is a non-profit and non-university research institution dealing with the legal framework of the “Energiewende”. Regarding the Energiewende new law is the central precondition for the implementation of technical innovations and a rapid development of renewable energies. Therefore, the Foundation was founded as an independent legal think tank for the Energiewende in Würzburg in 2011. About 20 legal researchers are concerned with the question how the legal framework has to change to achieve the energy and climate policy targets.

Contact in Germany

Contact person:
Thorsten Müller
+49 (0)931 7940770