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At a glance

  • Market-based instruments for environmental policy (environmental taxation, removal of environmentally harmful subsidies and emission trading)
  • Costs of environmentally relevant technologies and regulations
  • Studies, impact assessment, concept and strategy development
  • Public relations, events
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Brief description

Green Budget Germany (GBG) is a non-governmental and independent political think tank. GBG perceives itself as a network of experts and is both an initiator and consensus mediator vis-à-vis decision-makers and stakeholders in the debate on socio-ecological market economies. the assessment of costs incurred by environmentally harmful business models and using market-based instruments for evaluating environmental policy forms the thematic focus of the GBG Through studies, concept development, events and public relations, GBG strives to develop the social market economy into an ecological-social market economy.

Contact in Germany

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Uwe Nestle
+49 (0)30 76 23 991 30