NABU - Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union


At a glance

  • Strengthening the environmentally sound Energiewende
  • Increase of energy efficiency
  • Transition from a fossil to an environmentally sound renewable energy system
  • Supervision of discussions on the power supply line development, supervision of fossil fuel projects
  • National and international climate policy
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Brief description

With more than 700,000 members and sponsors, the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) is the largest environmental organisation in Germany. For over 120 years, it has campaigned to protect nature and secure it for future generations. Its most important tasks include the preservation of habitats and biodiversity, the sustainability of agriculture, forestry and water resources management, but also climate protection. One of its key concerns is to enhance the significance of intact nature in our society. NABU has over 2,000 groups and some 70 information centres throughout Germany.

Branches abroad

Brussels (BirdLife)

Contact in Germany

Contact person:
Sebastian Scholz
+49 (0)30 284984 1617