Öko-Institut e.V. - Oeko-Institute for Applied Ecology


At a glance

  • Climate protection and energy policy in Germany (incl. coal phase-out)
  • Climate policy in the EU and internationally
  • Risk assessment of nuclear energy in Germany, Europe and worldwide
  • Renewable energies, energy efficiency, sustainability in transport, building sector, consumption
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Brief description

In its book “Energy transition – growth and prosperity without oil and uranium” published in 1980, Oeko-Institut presented scenarios for an alternative energy future. Decades after the publication of this study, Oeko-Institut researchers are working on a range of topics to support and drive forward the necessary transition to a low-carbon society. Based on value-oriented research, the institute provides consultancy for decision-makers in politics, industry and civil society, showing them ways of tackling the environmental challenges. The experts draw upon a broad array of scientific and research methods, develop appropriate strategies and toolkits.

Contact in Germany

Contact person:
Mandy Schoßig
+49 (0)761 45 29 50
Berlin, Freiburg, Darmstadt