Prognos AG


At a glance

  • Policy consultancy on future society-shaping themes in political, economic and social areas
  • Conducting studies on the basis of political decision-making
  • Topics: economic and labour affairs, society and the state, location and region, business and innovation, energy and climate protection and infrastructure and transportation
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Brief description

If you want to make the right decisions tomorrow, you need strong intelligence today. At Prognos we provide you with independent intelligence based on scientific research and with close links to practice. Since 1959 we have been delivering those services to our many clients, from the public and private sector alike. In close cooperation with our clients we provide them with research, consulting and support, giving them access to profound evidence and smart recommendations. Prognos AG’s tried and tested models provide the basis for reliable prognoses and scenarios.

Branches abroad

Switzerland, Brussels

Contact in Germany

Contact person:
Friedrich Seefeldt
+49 (0)30 520059 279