Applying Green Energy Finance (AGEF): Combination of Online Training and Face-to-Face Seminars

The Green Banking Applying Green Energy Finance Programme is a combination of a Kick-off Workshop in the respective partner country, followed by an Online Training (OT) and a Face-to-Face Seminar in the respective partner country. The Face-to-Face Seminar is complementary to the Online Training and is a country-specific, in-depth training on technical and financial topics related to finance of RE and EE projects. The three-day seminar also offers an introduction of an Excel tool for project assessment and financial structuring. Throughout the project lifetime of Green Banking MENA, one Applying Green Energy Finance Programme per country including Kick-off Workshops, Online Training and Face-to-Face seminars will be realised with up to 15 scholarship participants from each country per course.

Additionally, the option of participation only in the Kick-off Workshop and the Online-Training will be offered to qualified applicants who would not be able to participate in Face-to-Face seminars.

Content and Country-Specific Technology Focus

The Green Banking Applying Green Energy Finance Programme combines a 1-day Kick-off Workshop and a 12-weeks Online Training with a 3-days Face-to-Face Seminar in the respective partner country. Since the concept of Online Training is not yet widespread in the partner countries, a face-to-face Kick-off workshop introduces this way of learning to the participants before its launch. Via the Online Training the participants receive insight information into Green Energy and Climate Finance. Thereupon, participants have an equal knowledge basis to attend the subsequent Face-to-Face Seminar in their country. Based on a capacity needs assessment conducted by RENAC in the second half of 2017, different interests and demands were identified for each country. Consequently, different RE/EE technologies will be presented during the seminars in the respective countries.

CountryKick-off WorkshopOnline TrainingFace-to-Face SeminarLocationApplication phase

The Face-to-Face Seminar will comprise the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of the RE or EE technology focus (according to the table above)
  • Bankability of RE projects (Risk assessment, project appraisal etc.)
  • Accessibility of international climate funds (e.g. Green Climate Fund)

During these three days attendance training, participants will receive a hands-on training presented by German and local experts. To make sure that the knowledge transferred during the seminars is applicable, exercises and case studies will be adjusted to local particularities.

Target group

The Applying Green Energy Finance Programme is specifically targeted at professionals from financial institutions interested in acquiring knowledge in the field of Green Energy and Climate Finance.

These professionals may be:

  • Credit Analysts
  • Project Finance Specialists
  • Client Relationship Managers


  • The participation in the seminar is free of charge and includes training material (color printed hard copies), and catering for the duration of the seminar
  • Course material is provided in English in Egypt and Jordan and in French in Morocco and Tunisia
  • Lecturers present in English in Egypt and Jordan and in French in Morocco and Tunisia
  • The location for the Kick-off workshop and the Face-to-Face seminar is in the partner country; participants are informed in due time about the details of the venue for the seminar
  • Travel and accommodation costs are covered by the participant


The application phase for the Applying Green Energy Finance Programme and the Online Training will end on 21 July 2019. Scholars will be selected on the basis of the information given in the application form. The participation on a self-payment basis is not possible.


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