Train-the-Trainer Programmes

RENAC’s trainings are conducted only by highly qualified trainers, to ensure the high quality standard for the professional trainings. As an experienced training institution, RENAC is able to provide a qualification for trainers via so-called Train-the-Trainer (TtT) programmes. In our interactive TtT programmes, we enable trainers to undertake courses autonomously and, if required, to the standards set by accreditation bodies or professional institutions. At the end, participants of our TtT will have sufficient skills and materials to develop their own trainings using the latest methods and increase the quality of their teaching.

Our TtT programmes can consist of modules that can be booked as a complete package or individually:

  • Technical training
  • Didactic and methodological training
  • Starter kit of slides, exercises and additional tools for trainers

RENAC offers Train-the-Trainer seminars in two different formats depending on the requirements of the learning environment:

General learning objectives of RENAC´s TtT programmes:

  • To develop, conduct and evaluate own trainings effectively
  • To facilitate the learning process in the respective context
  • To apply appropriate teaching methods for interactive trainings
  • To reflect on previous training skills and practice interactive elements
  • To use appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication techniques


    Face-to-face seminar

    Virtual live seminar

    ContentParticipants come together in one room to experience a participatory training. Adapted to F2F trainings, this TtT will focus on proven interactive methods and effective communication techniques.Through a virtual live seminar, participants are equipped with latest online tools for best interaction possibilities. Participants experience the specific features of online seminars directly.
    • Principle classroom presentation
    • Lively discussions
    • Practical exercises
    • F2F communication techniques
    • Interaction possibilities
    • Group exercises
    • Networking opportunities
    • Classical visualization techniques
    • Virtual presentation specifics
    • Online discussion possibilities
    • Practical exercises
    • Recommendations for online communication
    • Group work in breakout rooms
    • Appropriate software on the example of
      • Zoom (meeting platform)
      • Miro (Infinite whiteboard)
      • Mentimeter (Online polling)
    TimeframeTwo full daysThree half days
    Locationworldwideonline (live virtual)

    Services available:

    • Selection and assessment of future trainers for train- the-trainer trainings
    • Design and development of content and methodology
    • Facilitation of train-the-trainer courses
    • Evaluation and recommendations of newly trained trainers
    • Support programme for newly trained trainers (twinning programme)
    • Tailored learning concepts for face-to-face and/or virtual live seminars

    Click here for the Train-the-trainer concept overview

    Modules in a train-the-trainer course:

    • Technical training
    • Didactic and methodological training
    • Starter kit of slides, exercises and additional tools for trainers


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