Promotion of Green Hydrogen Economy in

South Africa

Expert Exchange Event Series

What is the project about?

As the world slowly transitions towards a more sustainably-sourced supply of energy, there is a current surge of interest in green hydrogen (GH2) and green-hydrogen-based Power-to-X -products (PtX).
For South Africa, the global commitments to carbon reduction and green hydrogen adoption offer opportunities to develop their own national market while establishing themselves as an exporter on the international market.
Over a period of 1.5 years, the events (12 webinars and 3 on-site events) will cover a wide variety of topics relevant to sector development, including strategy, regulatory framework, research and innovation, business opportunities, financing, sustainability and Just Transition.

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What are the objectives?

  • The overall objective is to provide opportunities for capacity building, knowledge sharing, networking, and learning around green hydrogen and PtX in South Africa.

  • The events will focus on promoting to build an enabling framework for GH2 and PtX technologies and products.

  • The events will bring together decision-makers and practitioners interested in shaping the policy framework for a successful hydrogen market development / ramp-up.

  • The series is part of a broader effort by the German development cooperation (BMZ) to foster green hydrogen and Power-to-X technologies in South Africa.


Who can participate?

  • The events are open to participants from the public and private sectors, and civil society.

  • The events seek to connect South African and international stakeholders interested to shape the future of a green hydrogen economy.

  • The virtual events are open to up to 500 participants. Interested candidates register via our [registration form].

  • The on-site events are limited to a maximum of 18 participants per workshop. Interested candidates apply via our application form (open in 2025) and will be selected by GIZ.





Who are the partners?

The event series is organised within the Green Hydrogen programme (H2.SA) programme which is implemented by the GIZ and the Presidency Department in the South African Government on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Technical Cooperation (BMZ). The aim is to support South African stakeholders from the public and private sectors as well as from civil society organisations in creating favourable regulatory, institutional, and technical framework conditions for a thriving green hydrogen economy.

  • GIZ is a federal enterprise and service provider in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development.
  • Renewables Academy (RENAC) AG is a Berlin- based specialist in education and training for renewable energy and energy efficiency.


Charlene Rossler
Project Director
Renewables Academy AG
Tel: Tel: +49 (0)30-5870870 43
Email: rossler[at]


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