Wind Power Investment Guidelines

Wind Power Financing Training Guidebook

YearAugust 2019
PublisherGIZ, Renewables Academy (RENAC)
AuthorsFelix Hulsch, Alexander Boensch, Albrecht Tiedemann and Gloria Gabriel (RENAC)
ContentBasics of wind power financing, fundraising aspects of wind power financing, cash flows and financial valuation of wind power financing, advanced valuation concepts
DownloadFree download (Brochure, English, 170 pages, 2 x 23 MB. For Part I please click here, for part II please click here)

VBI Guide Renewable Energy

Lessons from the German Experience of the Energy Transition - A Guide for Engineers, Policymakers and Administrators

YearMay 2019
PublisherThe German Association of Consulting Engineers VBI
AuthorsMore than 40 consulting engineers and experts contributed to the VBI Guide to Renewable Energy, which targets engineers, decision makers and multipliers.
ContentThe publication gives an overview of various renewable energy technologies, covers aspects of energy distribution and storage. Furthermore, the process of project planning and implementation is outlined from the perspective of the consulting engineers.
EditorFrank Jackson
TranslationFrank Jackson, David Thorpe
LayoutRenewables Academy AG
DownloadPlease click here for free download (Brochure, English, 216 pages, 26 MB)

The State of Renewable Energies in Europe, 18th EurObserv’ER Report

Executive Summary

YearMay 2019
EditorObserv’ER (FR), ECN (NL), RENAC (DE), Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (DE), Fraunhofer ISI (DE) and Statistics Netherlands (NL)
ContentThe EurObserv’ER barometer measures the progress made by renewable energies in each sector and in each member State of the European Union. The EurObserv’ER Overview barometer “The State of Renewable Energies in Europe” gathers the main indicators published during the year. The Executive Summary outlines the main statements.
LayoutRenewables Academy AG
DownloadPlease click here for free download (Brochure, English, 16 pages, 1 MB)

Who-is-Who of the Energiewende in Germany

Contact partners in politics, industry and society

YearJanuary 2019
PublisherFederal Foreign Office
ContentThe brochure offers a concise overview of all relevant actors of the Energy Transtion, including federal and state level ministries, regulators, energy agencies, energy industry associations, financial sector institutions, energy research organisations, policy consultants, NGOs, think tanks, and civil society stakeholders, as well as foundations of political parties.
EditorRenewables Academy AG
LayoutRenewables Academy AG
DownloadPlease click here for free download (Brochure, English, 88 pages, 14 MB)

Exhibition on "Grid Integration of Renewables"

Grid integration of Renewable energies

YearDecember 2018
PublisherRenewables Academy AG
ContentGrid Integration of Renewables
EditorRenewables Academy AG
Design & Layout
Renewables Academy AG
ContactIf you want to get more information on the exhibition (English, Spanish, 15 panels), please contact Cecilia Strandberg (strandberg[at]

Mobilizing the co-benefits of climate change mitigation

IASS Working paper

YearJuly 2017
PublisherIASS Potsdam / Renewables Academy AG
ContentCo-benefits of climate change
Design & Layout
IASS Potsdam
ContactIASS Potsdam


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