RENAC offers consulting services for institutions involved in capacity building and the market development of RE and EE.

Consulting services on capacity building are: 

  • Capacity needs assessments as a basis for developing capacity building programmes
  • The establishment of quality assurance schemes in the training sector
  • Curricula and sequence plan development, training material development
  • Participatory and interactive training methodologies and didactics
  • Integration of RE and EE related topics into existing curricula of TVET, universi- ties and further training institutions
  • Design of interactive training and workshop formats
  • Assessment of trainers
  • Development of customised capacity building strategies for in-house staff or extern

Consulting services for RE/EE market development are: 

  • Research on market conditions and opportunities for RE and EE investments
  • Energy statistics related to RE/EE market development
  • Programming of economic evaluation tools
  • Mentoring for business plan development
  • Guidance for entrepreneurs and business development
  • Prefeasibility studies for RE and EE applications
  • Technical and financial due diligence of project proposals

Manolita Wiehl
Sales and International Project Development
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