EurObserv’ER - Barometer of Renewable Energies

RENAC is part of the EurObserv'ER consortium since 2010. Since 1998, the EurObserv’ER barometer measures the progress made by renewable energies in each member State of the European Union. EurObserv’ER produces a series of figure-backed indicators covering energetic, technological and economic dimensions. Every two months one market report (barometer) dedicated to one particular renewable energy sector is published. 10 renewable energy technologies (wind power (on und offshore), photovoltaics, solar thermal, CSP (Concentrated solar power), biogas, solid biomass, biofuels and renewables in transport, geothermal energy, heat pumps, hydro power, waste and ocean energy) are covered with energy and installation data less than 12 months old.

The main objectives of our barometers are the following:

  • Monitor and analyze the development of renewable energy sectors in the EU
  • Evaluate the RES progression compared to the 2030 objectives of the European commission
  • Disseminate the results of the investigation to European journalists and energy actors
  • Enable all web visitors to freely download the barometer

Readers can also download all data and create individual graphs at


Albrecht Tiedemann
Project Director
Tel: +49 (0)30 58 70870 40
Fax: +49 (0)30 58 70870 88
Email: tiedemann(at)


Solid Biofuels Barometer 2023, December 2023 (English)

RES in Transport Barometer 2023, November 2023 (English)

Biogas Barometer 2023, October 2023 (English)

Solar Thermal and Concentrated Solar Power Barometers 2023, June 2023 (English)

Photovoltaic Barometer 2023, April 2023 (English)

Wind Energy Barometer 2023, March 2023 (English)

The State of Renewable Energies in Europe, Edition 2022 (English)


Solid Biofuels Barometer 2022, December 2022 (English)

RES in Transport Barometer 2022, November 2022 (English)

Ocean Energy Barometer 2022, October 2022 (English)

Solar Thermal and Concentrated Solar Power Barometers 2022, June 2022 (English)

20th Annual Overview Barometer 2021, March 2022 (English) – Executive Summary

Photovoltaic Barometer 2022, April 2022 (English)

Wind Energy Barometer 2022, March 2022 (English)

20th Annual Overview Barometer 2021, February 2022 (English) – The State of Renewable Energies in Europe



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