Applying Green Energy Finance: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

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Applying Green Energy Finance delivers a comprehensive introduction to green energy finance topics. It covers the fundamentals of renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) technologies as well as details about the financing of renewable energy projects. The international perspective of climate finance is covered as well.

This programme covers:

  • Introduction to renewable energy projects
  • Financing energy efficiency projects and ESCOs
  • Renewable energy feasibility assessment and investment valuation
  • Renewable energy project finance
  • Project contracts
  • Policy frameworks of RE power generation
  • Climate finance
  • Optional: Business case studies

Elective courses:

  • PV application
  • Wind power application
  • Biogas application
  • Energy efficiency in buildings
  • Energy efficiency in the industry

To supplement the learning experience, participants will also have access to short introductory courses on energy and electricity topics. The optional and short introductory courses are not mandatory and material from these will not be included in the exam.

Receive a reminder one week before the registration deadline.

After completing this programme, participants should be able to:

  • assess risks in the lifecycle of a renewable energy or energy efficiency project;
  • discuss bankability criteria and apply these to renewable energy and energy efficiency projects;
  • identify project finance structures and procedures; and
  • explain principles of climate finance mechanisms.

Upon successful completion of the training, participants will receive a RENAC Certificate.



This training is suitable for those whom:

  • want to learn more about renewable energy and energy efficiency project financing;
  • would like an introduction to green energy financing; or
  • seek to specialise in green energy finance projects.

Duration: 3 months

Study time: 120 hours

Course language: English

Detailed course description will be available for download soon. 

E-learning platform: Access the demo course on our e-learning platform.

Price: €1190,00* (with 10% early bird discount)


Raquel Cascales
Project Director E-Learning and Blended Learning
Tel: +49 (0)30 58 70870 46
Email: onlineacademy[at]


*incl 19 % of German VAT

Additional Information

Applying Green Energy Finance: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency


  • Flexibility to study at any time and from any location 
  • RENAC content expert and learning platform technical support
  • Moderated discussion forum for students
  • Live lectures
  • Multimedia learning materials
  • Self-assessments, assignments and final exam   
  • RENAC certificate upon successful finalisation of the programme
  • We offer discounts for our alumni, group bookings, and multiple purchases. Contact us for further details.



Raquel Cascales
Project Director E-Learning and Blended Learning
Tel: +49 (0)30 58 70870 46
Email: onlineacademy[at]

Available dates & times

Next Date Type of training Language Registration deadline Price € VAT Info Early bird € Valid until  
01.10.22 - 31.12.22 Online EN 10.10.2022 1.190,00*
01.04.23 - 30.06.23 Online EN 10.04.2023 1.190,00*
01.10.23 - 31.12.23 Online EN 10.10.2023 1.190,00*

* including 19 % of German VAT


Alexander Boensch, RENAC
Current position:
Before joining RENAC’s Green Banking Team in 2016, Alexander Boensch frequently provided seminars, course design concepts and e-learning content for RENAC since 2008.

Professional experience:
Mr Boensch trained as a Financial Economist and held postgraduate positions in the banking and finance industry with a sector focus on energy for five years. Since 2003, he has been working as a Finance Consultant for renewable energy project developers, financial investors and public utilities being in charge of structured and corporate finance, risk and treasury management, procurement of capital, bank marketing and M&A activities. During the last twelve years of working in the European renewable energy industry, Mr Boensch was involved in renewable energy projects with an installed capacity of more than 750MW and successfully raised capital of approx. 1.3 billion EUR. In addition to his work in renewable energy finance consulting and training, Mr Boensch lectures on academic courses on corporate finance, capital markets and renewable energy economics at different academic institutions. He is also a member of the investment decision-making board of a well-established German investment company that exclusively funds renewable energy assets.

Alexander Boensch has a Master’s degree (M.A.) in International Economics and a degree in Business Administration, Finance and Strategic Management.


"Amazing I have learned a lot and I look forward to using the acquired information to advance my career, develop national energy strategies and promote capacity building for professional in the energy field."
Fotouh Al-Ragom, Applying Green Energy Finance: Energy Efficiency, 2020

"If you love green banking then Applying Green Energy Finance is the way to go. The platform is an easy way to use, interactive studying, portal that connects learners to the study during the learning."
Vu Bao, Applying Green Energy Finance: Renewable Energy, 2020

"For me, the course "Applying Green Energy Finance (RE)" was the perfect introduction to the topic of Green Finance. I would definitely recommend the course to others. The scope, content and methodology are appropriate."
Christian Grajek, Applying Green Energy Finance: Renewable Energy, 2020

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