On this page we gathered some frequently asked questions (FAQ). They are structured by general questions to our trainings and specific questions to online trainings and face-to-face trainings.


Are there any scholarships available?

No, RENAC does not offer any scholarships or similar cost takeovers for seminars and online trainings for individuals. However, you may take advantage of our discount.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes. We offer a 10% discount for our alumni as well as a 5% discount for multiple purchases (more than 1 item or more than 1 participant). We also offer a 10% early bird discount on many of our programmes and courses, if they are booked over 6 weeks in advance.

I have received a voucher code. How can I use it?

By clicking on the shopping cart of the course of your choice, you will start the registration process. On the first screen you will see a field called “Redeem voucher code”, where you can insert the voucher.

How much are the course fees?

You can find the fee on the website of the specific course. Here you can find an overview.

How can I pay?

You can pay with MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Western Union or simply an invoice (manual transaction).

Do I have to pay VAT?

Yes, by law we need to charge the German VAT of 19%, because the course takes place in Germany. Only EU companies with a valid VAT-ID are excluded from paying German VAT.

Can I make the payment in instalments?

No, the courses cannot be paid in instalments.

In what languages do you offer courses?

We offer all our open trainings in English. Participants of RENAC online can get access to most of the material in Spanish. For some courses additional French texts are available.

Can I earn credit points by attending a course?

Not in our open trainings. Credit points can be earned in our degree programmes only. Here you can find more information on our academic programmes.

Online Training

When can I start an online training?

There are two course intakes per year: 1st April and 1st October. The joint intakes allow us to give direct and timely support to our student classes, e.g. through live webinars or forums.

How interactive are the online trainings?

There are eight live webinars (“Virtual Classrooms”) throughout the semester. Depending on your course combination, you should attend two or more of these. There is a short assignment for each course, for which you will get feedback from RENAC lecturers. You are also invited to interact with your fellow participants. The discussion forum is always open and RENAC staff will reply to any questions within 48 hours on working days – usually much quicker than that.

Can I download the material?

Both the course texts and the videos can be downloaded for offline learning and for your personal use after the end of the course.

Are there fixed dates or times when I need to be online?

No, you can study with flexibility according to your own schedule. All live events are recorded, and all courses are accessible throughout the semester.

Are there deadlines that I need to meet during the semester?

Yes, to structure the semester, there is one assignment deadline for each course. These assignments are not mandatory but they count 10% towards the final grade.

What types of learning material will I get access to?

The courses consist of texts and images, self-tests, video lectures and additional material (e.g. excel tool, glossary, further reading documents). A demo course can be found here.

Do I take an exam at the end of the online course?

Yes, there is a final exam for each online training. You can choose one of several exam dates when you have finished your courses. The exam will be open for 36 hours, and an individual countdown for the exam duration will start when you begin your attempt. The passing grade for the online exam is 70%.

What type of certificate do I get?

At the end of the online training you will be awarded a printed RENAC certificate which indicates your final grade. Participants who have not passed or have not attempted the final exam can receive a certificate of attendance (PDF document via e-mail) if they have studied at least half of the learning material.

What happens if I cannot finish the online training within one semester?

Participants who are not able to finish the online training in one semester can book an extension of 6 months (following semester) at an 80% reduced course fee.

What are the technical requirements for RENAC Online courses?

For online trainings via our e-learning platform, a good internet connection (2 Mbit/s or more) is required. Your browser should support either Adobe Flash or HTML5.  

Face-to-face trainings

Do I take an exam at the end of the course?

There is no examination, but we use different teaching methods to assess acquisition of knowledge in the course of each training session.

Where do I get more information about the course and how can I register?

You can find all information online and also register online. In order to do so, please go to our offers on this link.

How much is the seminar and what is included in the costs?

The registration fee depends on the course and includes lectures, learning material, hands-on exercises, field trips, catering and welcome dinner.

Is accommodation included in the fee?

No, but to ease your search for accommodation, we provide you a list of possible accommodations close by.

When does the seminar start?

The seminar starts each day at 9 am and goes until 5 pm. We also offer some events starting from 6 pm, which are optional.

Do I need a visa to enter Germany and attend the seminar?

Usually you need a visa, but it always depends on your citizenship. Please check with your embassy to be sure. After you registered and pay for the course, we can send you a letter of invitation to get the visa easily.

When do I get an invitation letter?

By law we are allowed to send you an invitation letter after we received your registration and your payment.

Will I get a certificate after I completed the seminar?

RENAC Certificate of Attendance on the last day of the seminar. 

Can I further use the training material provided by RENAC?

The training materials are for your personal use only. All intellectual property used and distributed rights in the program exclusively belong to RENAC. The participants of the program are not entitled to reproduce, copy, alter, distribute, sell, etc. materials, logos etc. belonging to RENAC.

When can I book my flights and accommodation in Berlin?

Please wait with your booking of your flights and hotels until you receive the final confirmation letter approximately six weeks before the seminar starts.

Is there any course preparation recommended?

In order to prepare yourself for the seminar we highly recommend that you complete our free introductory online courses beforehand. This is the basic knowledge the lecturers build on during the seminar.

How do I get to RENAC once I am in Berlin?

Please note that RENAC does not offer pick-up services. To get to your hotels or RENAC, you may either take a taxi or public transport. To know how to get from the airport or train station to RENAC, please look at our guide “The way to RENAC” or the local transportation website www.bvg.de