Green Banking Alumni Conference

The Green Banking Alumni Conference will bring together the network established within the course of this 3-year project. In each of the partner countries, a one-day event will provide a platform for the programme’s alumni to exchange their experiences and share their success stories.  

The Alumni Conference will conclude the Green Banking project, which was funded by the International Climate Initiative (IKI). The event will be free of charge for all registered participants, and will include free coffee/tea and lunch. The scholarship does not cover any travel expenses, the participants have to organize and book the travel arrangements themselves.


The aim of the Green Banking Alumni Conference is:

  • To give insights from different perspectives into the international and local energy transition (experiences, challenges, best practice examples)
  • To transfer knowledge and experiences on important issues related to renewable energy and energy efficiency finance
  • To offer opportunities to initiate new business contacts and to engage in networking

Content and target groups

The conference is intended to give all participants the opportunity to exchange views on current global and local topics of financing energy efficiency and renewable energy. The idea is that the participants themselves become active and report on success stories in their countries, to which their acquired knowledge from the Green Banking seminars contributed.

The main target group are alumni from the respective programs offered within the framework of the Green Banking Project South-East Asia. Participants of the Delegation Tour, the Train-the-Trainer Seminar, the Green Finance Specialist or the Blended Learning Programme are the focus of the events.

We are also looking forward to welcoming numerous representatives of our political partners and local supporters.

External interested parties are also cordially invited to apply for participation in the event. Even if the project will come to an end, the growth of the Green Banking network shall continue to prosper.


Course no.DateCountryCityApplication period
2019 - AC26.04.2019IndiaMumbai01.11.2018 – 27.01.2019
2019 - AC19.03.2019IndonesiaJakarta01.11.2018 – 27.01.2019
2019 - AC16.04.2019PhilippinesManila01.11.2018 – 27.01.2019
2019 - AC29.04.2019ThailandBangkok01.11.2018 – 27.01.2019
2019 - AC22.03.2019VietnamHanoi01.11.2018 – 27.01.2019

Possibilities of participation

The Green Banking Alumni Conferences are open to the entire Green Banking network – including alumni, political partners and other interested parties. The application and registration period for the participation in the conference 2019 is possible from 01 November to 27 January 2019.

Since the conferences serve as a platform for the exchange of experiences, they are going to be very interactive. Besides the participation as an audience, interested parties have the possibility to actively contribute to the implementation of the conference, either in the role of a speaker or in the role of an exhibitor.

The contributors will report on how they have put into practice the experience and knowledge they have gained through their participation in the Green Banking trainings. The aim is to share success stories and best practices with the conference participants and to show to what extent one can contribute to the energy transition in one's country. As a speaker you are invited to be part of the programme or to participate in one of the panel discussions. As an exhibitor you may design a poster, presenting your project and work in the field of Green Energy and Climate Finance. These posters will be exhibited all day in the event room. After lunch, there will be an open tour of the exhibition, during which an exchange with the exhibitors will be possible.

Please check the participation requirements according to your status:

B) I wish to participate as speaker/ or Exhibitor of a poster (open to alumni and non-alumni)

Suggested topics to present:

  • Success stories on financed / developed projects under the current political and market framework conditions
  • Inclusion of international experiences in your decision making
  • Knowledge transfer among your network

As a speaker, you are called upon to give a presentation (20 min, visualized with a power point presentation) on a self-chosen topic.

As an exhibitor of a poster you will illustrate your experiences in a visualized form and create a poster in DIN A1 format. The latter is going to be exposed in the conference room.



Please register or apply under the links above from 01 November to 27 January 2019 and accept the terms of reference for the conference. Please note that good English proficiency is a prerequisite. 


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Project Director
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Project Manager
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