Impulse talks:

  • "How the Co-benefits approach supports can boost energy transitions and climate action"

Dr Sebastian Helgenberger, COBENEFITS project director and research group leader at IASS Potsdam.

  • "The learning objectives of the online education programme, COBENEFITS Specialist for Renewable Energy"

Albrecht Tiedemann, project manager at RENAC for COBENEFITS and head of RENAC‘s Climate and Energy Policy and Grid Integration department.

  • Meeting COBENEFITS graduates – sharing personal insights and experiences.

Engaging with graduates  “COBENEFITS Specialist for Renewable Energy”

  • Ms. Michelle Lingham, South Africa
    Entrepreneur since 2006, started in SOLAR PV in 2016
  • Mr. Churchil Obiero, Kenya
    Branch Manager and Water & Energy Solutions Technical Sales Engineer
  • Ms. Swarna Priya Natarajan, India
    Lead Engineer for Vestas at the Global Siting Center

Personal exchange in virtual group rooms

  1. Empowering governments - The political dimension of the COBENEFITS approach, moderated by Dr Sebastian Helgenberger (IASS)
  2. Empowering businesses - The potential of the COBENEFITS approach for training staff and company leaders, moderated by Albrecht Tiedemann (RENAC)

Synthesis plenary: Sharing lessons learned