Terms of use for virtual trainings and events

Dear participant,

We are using Zoom as a virtual room to hold this event with you and the other participants. Additionally to our privacy policy (see Point 25) we have set up a few simple terms of use to ensure you and the other participants make the most out of this event. Please read our terms before you join the meeting.


Each participant is responsible for making the necessary technical arrangements to be able to participate interactively in the event. Therefore, we ask you to do the following:

  • Find a quiet and bright room where you can follow the event undisturbed.
  • Connect your computer to the Internet via a LANcable. WLAN also works well, but depending on the connection, is more susceptible to loss of connectivity.
  • Set up a camera and microphone so that everyone can see and understand you well.
  • Log in at least 10 minutes (or as specified by the event organizer) before the official start so that technical problems can be solved beforehand.
  • When you click “join” you can enter the provided access data (meeting ID and password) and will be asked if you want to join via your browser (Firefox, Chrome etc.) or via the Zoom app. In order to ensure you get the best experience and can participate actively in the event, we highly recommend you to use the Zoom app. Also, it is necessary if the event is realized with simultaneous translation or for a train-the. Further information can be found on the Zoom website “zoom-web-client”.


Our live interactive seminars are characterized by positive group atmosphere and a fruitful exchange between all participants. For this we ask you to do the following:

  • Please enter your full name (name and last name) and institution in brackets (if applicable) when you sign in so that everyone can address you professionally.
  • Turn on your video throughout the entire session so that you will be able to communicate and network effectively with each other.
  • If someone else is speaking, please turn off your microphone to reduce interference from background noises.
  • If someone is talking and you want to say something, use the icon "raise your hand" or post your question or idea in the chat. The moderator will let you speak at a suitable time, or answer in the chat.
  • If you are asked to speak or would like to speak, please turn on the microphone and introduce yourself briefly with your name and, if applicable, your institution, so that the other participants know who is speaking.


Depending on the event, we may record it and share the recording with participants or project partners. We will inform you of this before the start of the event. If you do not wish to be seen or heard on a recording, please let us know beforehand so that we can take this into account. You do not need to turn on your camera or your microphone, and you may use the chat function to communicate.

For free webinars that are designed to be published online, participants only have access to the chat function to ask questions. The trainer may mention your Zoom name and your question when responding.

Photos / Screenshots

We will not take screenshots or photos during the session nor publish them on social media without asking. If we do wish to take a photo of you and share it, we will ask you in advance for your permission.

We hope you will enjoy the event with us. If you are ready, please click here Join the meeting now

Your RENAC team