Energy efficiency

For industry and organisations

Tailor-made Trainings

Job requirements in the green energy markets are complex and manifold. To ensure a company or organisation success, employees need extensive skills and up-to-date know-how.

RENAC tailor-made trainings offer the best way to meet participants’ training objectives:

  • Analysis of participants’ capacity needs
  • Selection of training contents and methods according to prior knowledge and needs
  • The most suitable trainers
  • Development of comprehensive materials with the highest quality standards
  • Implementation of the training

Additionally, the training can be adjusted in duration and depth, organised for groups of various sizes and adapted to cover various technologies. Clients can determine when and where the training takes places.


Universities, vocational schools, further education facilities, other education institutions, development organizations, public bodies, companies


Private sector

  • Project developers
  • System integrators
  • Engineers & technicians
  • Investors
  • Financing institutions
  • Grid operators

Public sector

  • Ministries
  • Regulators
  • Local administrations

Development organisations

  • Development corporations
  • Energy agencies
  • International financing institutions
  • NGOs

Practical training at RENAC’s Training Centre:
Energy efficiency

Energy efficiencynergy Efficiency in the Built Environment

  • Understand the impact of climate on the energy use in a building
  • Gain an understanding of the state-of-art approaches to the design of buildings
  • Be able to conduct an energy demand analysis
  • Be able to design a building considering both passive and active EE principles
  • Be able to integrate renewable energy systems into buildings
  • Be aware of the key IT tools for analysis, design and monitoring EE

Energy Efficiency in Industry & Commerce

  • Understand the technical and organisational measures to reduce energy demand
  • Know the technical fundamentals and necessary conditions to implement EE technologies and systems
  • Know the EE industrial processes related to: Heating, Electric drives, Pumps, Cooling / chilling, Ventilation, Compressed air, Lighting
  • Calculate the economics of energy efficient technologies and measurements

Sample Trainings: Energy efficiency


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If you are interested in a tailor-made training, please fill out this questionnaire and send it to Manolita Wiehl.