Train-the-Trainer Programmes

RENAC’s Train-the-Trainer (TtT) seminars show how to plan, prepare, conduct and evaluate renewable energy and/or energy efficiency trainings. Participants receive an extensive package of hard facts and soft skills to develop their own teaching abilities. Each RENAC TtT seminar includes interactive training sessions, where participants practise their own training skills actively under supervision.

We tailor our Train-the-Trainer seminars to our client’s need. Our goal is to produce highly qualified trainers able to undertake courses autonomously; and, if required, to the standards set by accreditation bodies or professional institutions.

At the end of a seminar, we provide participants with a summary and further reading to allow them to strengthen their acquired knowledge and practice their teaching skills.

Our Services

  • Development of training material suitable to the participant's demand
  • Integration of local aspects into the training material
  • Provision of training material on didactic principles and methodology as well as a sequence plan template to develop and structure own training sessions
  • (Optional) Recruitment of local lecturers
  • Assessment of future trainers for the Train-the-Trainer seminars
  • Design and development of content and methodology for Train-the-Trainer seminars
  • Carrying out Train-the-Trainer seminars
  • Support during the first training courses using experienced trainers (twinning programme)
  • Quality assurance


Universities, other education institutions, energy agencies or companies and institutions who want to train their trainers, employees or clients.


Our TtT Seminars are suitable for a wide target group. We train:

  • Technichians or engineers who want to gain the skills to work as trainers in various fields of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency technology
  • Lecturers within universities in electrical or mechanical engineering, law or economics
  • Trainers offering further education for professionals
  • Employees of institutions that want to share their knowledge in RE and EE technologies with their colleagues and network

Modules in a Train-the-Trainer seminar:

Technical training:

The technical training provides up-to-date know-how on the technologies and helps trainees complement their skills through case studies, real-life scenarios, presentations and software training.

Didactical and methodological training:

In this module, the potential lecturers gain the skills to develop, prepare conduct and conclude an absorbing and challenging seminar to a high standard, while motivating and enthusing their training participants. Participants will receive a didactical training including the latest methodological and communicative skills to transfer knowledge efficiently and sustainably. 

Starter-kit of exercises and additional tools for trainers:

This module enables trainers to efficiently train their future students on special topics in renewable energy and energy efficiency. We will present exercises helpful to teach how to plan, design, operate and maintain renewable energy plants. Furthermore, we will demonstrate different hands-on tools through which teachers will make technical and physical principles of green energy technologies graspable. We can also provide slides that the future trainers can use as a basis for further training material development.


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