Green Energy Summer School (GESS)

Summer with Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

12 - 26 August 2019 in Berlin

The Renewables Academy (RENAC) provides with its Green Energy Summer School (GESS) a unique opportunity to get an exceptional insight into renewable energy sources, the various technologies of harnessing them and how to save the energy captured through energy efficiency. The three-week programme takes place in the summer of each year in Berlin, Germany. Each week offers a different theme of renewable energy or energy efficiency, designed for different target groups, taking into consideration their knowledge on the subject and their background.

This year we selected the following themes for you and hope you will join our Green Energy Summer School:

The first week is the well-known introduction to renewable energy technologies seminar. It is designed to suit the interest of technicians and non-technicians who want to enhance their career prospects by getting a comprehensive introduction to the various available renewable energy technologies.

In the courses of the second week, students, professionals, technicians etc., have the opportunity to obtain either an in-depth know how in both grid-connected and off-grid photovoltaics or they can get concise overview of framework conditions for renewable energy investment.

The third week of two parallel seminars completes the GESS 2019 programme with courses on how to integrate variable renewable energy into the grid and how energy efficiency works in industry and buildings.

All these are achieved through a blend of up to date theoretical lectures, state of the art practical exercises and field excursions accompanied by a lot of fun and international networking. The "Green Energy Summer School" serves as a platform to study in a team with professionals from many different countries while bringing renewable energy and / or energy efficiency know-how to perfection.


Dr. Emilienne Tingwey
Project Director Face-to-face Trainings
Tel: +49 (0) 30 526 895 882
Fax: +49 (0) 30 526 895 899
Email: tingwey[at]


"Worth every single penny. Very well organised course and professional trainers."

Mohamad Mneimneh, Lebanon, Grid-connected and Off-grid Photovoltaics, 2018

"It has been a wonderful experience for me spending a whole week at the RENAC Summer School with exclusive trainers and staff and with a great audience of multi-national business professionals. I now feel equipped with great knowledge about grid-connected and off-grid PVs, both theoretical and practical."

Adnan Göçhan, Turkey, Grid-connected and Off-grid Photovoltaics, 2018

"The reception and the contents of the seminar were excellent. Staff and lecturers went out of their way to meet our demands and answer our questions"

Participant, Introduction to Renewable Energy Technologies, 2017

"A complete blend of theory and practice in energy efficiency, the course provides excellent overview of energy efficiency in industry and buildings"

Shafiqul Alam, Bangladesh, Overview of Energy Efficiency in Industry and Buildings, 2017

"An excellent introduction into an important field, accessible for non-technicians through a great balance of theory and practical application & exercises."

Gerhard Rauch, Germany, Introduction to Grid Integration of Variable Renewable Energy, 2017