Are you interested in a tailor-made training?

The following sample training courses give an overview of possible topics we cover in our tailor-made trainings. The sample trainings can be used as basis to develop a tailor-made training for your company or organisation. If you are interested in a tailor-made training, please fill out this questionnaire and send it to Manolita Wiehl.

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Face-to-face training

Small hydropower: from feasibility to installation

Head and flow assessment, permits and contracts, design, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, intake, penstock, turbines, generators, grid-connection, off-grid, rural electrification, project management, economics

  • Physics of hydropower
  • Head and flow assessment: desktop and on-site study
  • Required surveys, permits and licenses
  • Demand assessment (for off-grid applications)
  • Basic steps in system design (for off-grid and/or grid-connected applications)
  • Civil engineering (intake, power canal, penstock, powerhouse, outfall)
  • Electro-mechanical engineering (turbines, generators, control system)
  • Energy yield assessment
  • Project management and system economics

Learning objectives:
  • Use typical equipment for performing head and flow measurement
  • Perform calculations for preliminary system design
  • Select and size the most appropriate intake, penstock, turbine and generator for a given application
  • Predict the energy yield for a small hydro scheme
  • Perform the financial analysis for a hydro scheme
Target group:

This training suits those who:

  • wish to learn about design and installation of small hydro schemes
  • are looking at energy diversification and/or rural electrification, such as local councils
  • are entrepreneurs wishing to set up a business in this field
Duration:4 - 5 days

Online trainings

Small hydropower

Power from water, head and flow assessment, energy yield, intro to intakes, penstocks, turbines and generators

  • Introduction to the unit ‘Fundamentals of small hydropower’
  • Different types of hydro plant
  • Resource assessment
  • Civil engineering components
  • Electro-mechanical equipment
  • Costs
Learning objectives:

After completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Distinguish different types of hydropower plants and their main components
  • Calculate the power from a flow of water and describe different methods of measuring flow rate and head
  • Explain the civil and electro-mechanical engineering system design
  • Present specific costs as well as a cost breakdown of a sample scheme
Target group:This training suits those who are interested in renewable energy technologies
Duration:Ca. 2 - 3 weeks
Study time:Ca. 20 hours

Planning of small hydropower systems

Project planning, permits, licences, contracts, site assessment, resource assessment, design, construction plan, financial analysis

  • Project planning: gaining all necessary approvals
  • Site assessment
  • Resource assessment
  • Design
  • Installation, operation & maintenance
  • Financial analysis
Learning objectives:

After completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe in detail the tasks and parties involved in small hydro project planning, construction and operation
  • Describe different methods for collecting flow data and use this data to create a flow duration curve which you can use to make an energy yield calculation
  • Perform basic design and selection of major components of a small hydro scheme including intake screen, penstock pipe, turbine and generator
  • Produce a cash flow balance sheet for a small hydro scheme and calculate and interpret typical financial performance indicators (DSCR, NPV, IRR, LCOE)
Target group:This training suits those who are from the energy sector, engineers, installers, persons interested in implementing their own small-scale hydro projects
Duration:Ca. 4 weeks
Study time:Ca. 40 hours