"Green Finance Specialist" programme – GFS

Developed within the Green Banking project, the “Green Finance Specialist” programme aims to deliver in-depth knowledge on green finance topics through a combination of a 20-weeks online training and a 3-day face-to-face training to interested candidates in the partner countries.


The “Green Finance Specialist” (GFS) programme was just recently accredited by the  Finance Accreditation Agency (FAA), Malaysia. The three-day seminar also offers an introduction of an Excel tool for project assessment and financial structuring. After the trainings participants may receive consultancy from the trainers on the approach of technical and financial evaluation of real case financing applications and the use of the provided Excel tool.

The programme's main topics include:

  • Fundamentals of the RE and EE technologies
  • Political and legal market frameworks
  • Project financing and project appraisal of RE and EE projects including credit application, financial modelling and project evaluation
  • International climate finance options
  • RE projects in the portfolio context

Target group

Throughout the project lifetime of Green Banking, two intakes for the GFS programme will take place in the frame of the scholarship programme, in 2017 and in 2018 with up to 30 participants for each intake from each partner country. After the end of the project the GFS programme will continue as a valid and accredited degree and will be offered by means of fees from future participants.

The Green Finance Specialist degree is specifically targeted at professionals (e.g. Credit Analysts, Project Finance Specialists, Client Relationship Managers) who wish to specialise in the field of Green Energy and Climate Finance.


The main objectives of the programme are:

  • Receive an overview of the market scope and potential
  • Gain basic understanding of the relevant RE and EE technologies
  • Be able to evaluate RE and EE projects
  • Be able to use financial models and to develop term sheets for RE and EE projects
  • Be knowledgeable about options for international climate finance and how to access such funds
  • Be able to develop and evaluate portfolios of RE and EE projects

Features of GFS

In order to obtain the GFS certificate, participants have to go through the complete GFS programme. At first, selected candidates will go through the Online Training of 20 weeks. The successful participation in this Online Training qualifies them to attend the F2F seminar in the respective partner country.

a.    Online Training

The Online Training is designed to offer insight information into Green Energy and Climate Finance for self-study. A series of virtual classrooms, short assignments and forum discussions will make the programme interactive and vivid. Among others the preparation of a term sheet for a specific model case is a prerequisite to participate at the F2F seminar.

  • The GFS Online Training lasts 20 weeks; participants will need approx. 10 hours study time per week (depending on background knowledge and experience of participants) to work through the material (reading, watching video lectures, doing self-assessment tests, participating in the forum, submitting short assignments)
  • The participation in the online courses is free of charge and includes access to text and videos, self-assessment tests, lectures from experts and professionals delivered via virtual classrooms, technical and organisational support via the forum and email
  • Participants can print out a personalised copy of the course materials in the form of PDF documents (for personal use only)
  • Course materials are provided in English
  • Lecturers in the virtual classrooms will present in English

b.    F2F Seminar in partner country

The F2F seminar participants will activate the previously studied content and dive into deepening discussions, group work and hands-on exercises using a modelling tool. Furthermore, the seminar focusses on the exchange of experiences from RENAC experts as well as among the participants.

  • The participation in the seminar is free of charge and includes materials (colour printed hard copies), coffee / tea breaks, lunch for the duration of the seminar
  • Course materials are provided in English
  • Lecturers will present in English; simultaneous translation will be provided in Indonesia and Vietnam  
  • Participants will be informed in due time about the details of the venue for the seminar
  • Travel and accommodation costs have to be covered by the participant

The F2F seminar will terminate with a written exam which covers the full scope of the online and F2F training. Successful participants will receive a printed certificate including the grade of the final exam.

Previous Dates

Course no.CountryOnline TrainingF2F seminarDurationApplication
2017 - GFSIndia26.06.-10.11.201715.- 17.11.2017

20 weeks online + 3 days F2Fn/a
2017 - GFSIndonesia26.06.-10.11.2017 28.-30.11.201720 weeks online + 3 days F2Fn/a
2017 - GFSPhilippines26.06.-10.11.2017 13.-15.11.201720 weeks online + 3 days F2F n/a
2017 - GFSThailand26.06.-10.11.2017 27.-29.11.201720 weeks online + 3 days F2Fn/a
2017 - GFSVietnam26.06.-10.11.2017

14.-16.11.201720 weeks online + 3 days F2Fn/a

Dates 2018

Course no.CountryOnline TrainingF2F seminarDurationApplication
2018 - GFSIndia25.06. - 09.11.201814.-16.11.2018

20 weeks online + 3 days F2Fn/a
2018 - GFSIndonesia25.06. - 09.11.201827.-29.11.201820 weeks online + 3 days F2Fn/a
2018 - GFSPhilippines25.06. - 09.11.201814.-16.11.201820 weeks online + 3 days F2F n/a
2018 - GFSThailand25.06. - 09.11.201820.-22.11.201820 weeks online + 3 days F2Fn/a
2018 - GFSVietnam25.06. - 09.11.2018

21.-23.11.201820 weeks online + 3 days F2Fn/a

Requirements for participation:

  • Interested participants have to apply online within the announced application periods and accept the terms of reference for the scholarship.
  • Participants should be willing to attend the whole seminar and to actively engage in practical excercises and group work, to present results and to discuss solutions.
  • Good English proficiency is a prerequisite.
  • The application period for Green Banking trainings 2018 ended on 31 March 2018.


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Project Director
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Katharina Hartmann
Project Manager
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